Niles Audio FG01582 WS120 Wall-Mount IR Sensor
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Niles Audio FG01582 WS120 Wall-Mount IR Sensor

Niles Noise Suppression Wall-Mount Infrared Sensor for any Home Theater Environment
  • Small size fits in one gang box
  • Excellent reception range for IR signal
  • Wideband High-Fidelity design
  • Noise suppression design to avoid light interference
  • Works in both residential and commercial applications


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  • This top of the line wall-mount Infrared (IR) Sensor is a receiver for IR signals transmitted for a home theater or audio/video (A/V) application. It features a state of the art Universal Noise Suppression Design allowing this sensor to function in the most difficult environments. LCD televisions, Plasma televisions, CFL lighting, and ambient outside light will not interfere with the reception of IR signals. This Decorator style IR sensor is intended to be used with Niles Audio IR repeating systems. The sensor works by receiving IR codes from any hand-held remote in one location (Usually where the television, projector, or any other monitor is located), and then sending these IR codes via a category 5 cable connection to the IR main system unit (sometimes referred to as a Connecting Block). The main system then routes that IR code to the appropriate output. That output channel has an emitter cable connected to the output channel's port. This allows the IR codes to pass through the port connected cable, allowing the IR emitter to control the intended piece of equipment in a different location.

    From the description above you can gather that the WS120 Wall-Mount IR Sensor is only one of four components needed to have a working IR repeating system. The WS120 IR Sensor will work with all current IR repeater systems by Niles. If you would like to change the style of IR sensor you are using to match decor or any other reason, the great thing is that you have options! Alternate model numbers, such as Niles MS120, or Niles MS220, can be used in place of your existing Niles sensor.

    Note:Expansion Hub IRH610 is available if you find the need to control more equipment than your system already provides.

  • Specifications
    Manufacturer Niles Audio
    Manufacturer Product No. FG01582
    UPC 608866845768
    Carrier Frequencies 25kHz - 90kHz
    IR Receiving Range Varies depending on remote strength;Typically 20' to 35' (6.1 meters to 10.7 meters)
    IR Receiving Angle 30° off-axis (horizontal and vertical) at 25' (7.6 meters)
    Mounting In-wall
    Wiring Requirements Individual home-runs of CAT-5 cable
    Unit Dimensions 1-5/8" wide x 2-5/8" high x 1-1/4" deep (4.13 cm wide x 6.67 cm high x 3.18 cm deep)
    Face Plate Dimensions Decorator wall plate;2-3/4" wide x 4-1/2" high (7.0 cm wide x 11.4 cm high)

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    • 1x - WS120
    • 1x - Decorator Insert
    • 1x - Decorator Faceplate
    • 1x - Removable Connector
    • 2x - Device Mounting Screws
    • 2x - Faceplate Spaces

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