Niles Audio FG01161 I IR MicroFlasher MF1VF, 24 Pack
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Niles Audio FG01161 I IR MicroFlasher MF1VF, 24 Pack

Use with a Niles IR Repeater Main System to Transfers an IR Signal to Hidden Components
  • 24 Pack
  • Visual Feedback
  • Miniature Size
  • Transparent To Infrared Light
  • Easy Hook-up
  • Secure Adhesive Mounting
  • Flashback LED On Flasher Provides Visual Confirmation Of Operation
  • Low Profile, Extremely Small Footprint
  • 10' Cable With 3.5mm Plugs For Easy Installation
  • Dimensions: 5/16" Wide X 3/16" High X 1/2" Deep
  • Manufacturer Warranty: 2 year limited


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  • The Niles Audio MF Series MicroFlashers are one of three elements that make up an infrared extender system:
    A 6 Sensor IR Expansion Hub, Model IRH610, is available to provide additional sensor inputs to your system.

    When an IR remote sensor receives a command from a hand-held remote control, it sends a corresponding electronic signal through a wire to the main system unit. Here, the main system unit cleans and amplifies the electronic signal. Finally, the main system unit outputs the signal to the IR flasher which transmits the infrared command to the audio/video component you wish to control.

    The MF MicroFlasher sends the IR commands via flashes of infrared light in a precise pinpoint pattern from its single infrared LED. The output is extraordinarily accurate throughout a wide bandwidth. This allows the MF MicroFlasher to control most makes and models of IR controlled audio/video components.

    Additional Features and Benefits
    • Miniature and discrete, the MF MicroFlashers mount directly to the IR remote sensor window of your audio/video component without disfiguring the appearance of your equipment.
    • The MF Series is completely transparent to IR commands. Although the flashers appear to block the IR remote sensor window of your audio/video component, you can still directly operate your equipment using a remote
    • All MicroFlashers come equipped with a 3.5mm mono mini-plug. This provides
      you with easy hookup for fast, trouble-free installations.
    • All MicroFlashers have a strip of self-adhesive tape for quick and secure mounting to any hard, clean, dry surface.
    • All MicroFlashers are supplied with an ample 10 feet of connecting wire.
    • The MF1 and MF2 are supplied with an infrared blocking cover. This is useful if you have several identical TV's (or audio/video components), all using the same remote control and the same IR commands.
    • The MF2 and MF2VF provide dual flashers on a single cable for simplified wiring or easy expansion of a main system units flasher outputs.
    • The MF1VF and MF2VF provide visible feedback of flasher operation via a red LED in the flasher housing.
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    Review of 67255 Review by OSCAR
    Review of 67255

    Perfect, smaller than Global Cache IR, beautiful and working perfectly. Best cost/benefit on

    Posted on 6/2/2013

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    • 24x - MicroFlashers with Visible feedback

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