Niles Audio CM8HD 8-In 2-Way LCR In-Ceiling/In-Wall High-Definition Speaker w/Pivoting Tweeter (Ea)

Niles Audio CM8HD 8-In 2-Way LCR In-Ceiling/In-Wall High-Definition Speaker w/Pivoting Tweeter (Ea)

Loudspeaker Optimal for Advanced Home Theaters and Primary Listening Rooms
  • 8-Inch IMPACT woofer and 1-inch nano-coated IMPACTdome tweeter
  • Can handle up to 160 Watts of power
  • Superior sound quality
  • Designer aesthetics
  • Installation ease



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  • Niles Audio High-Defintion audio loudspeakers provide superior sound quality and longevity by utilizing advanced components, materials, and circuit designfor advanced home theaters and primary listening rooms. Whether you are listening to background talk radio or a complete orchestra, Niles CM series speakers deliver optimal performance and reliability.

    Precision tuned and voiced fixed woofer ceiling-mount loudspeakers provide graduated performance for all types of applications. The 8-inch IMPACT (Improved Aluminum Ceramic Technology) woofer cone with curvilinear profile and extended pole provides natural, flat response; it also features a butyl rubber surround that damps resonance and provides exceptional durability. A 1-inch nano-coated IMPACT (Improved Aluminum Ceramic Technology) dome tweeter utilizes a vapor deposited coating to move any ringing frequencies outside the range of hearing for ultra-detailed high frequencies. A proprietary bridge-mounted tweeter-adjustment mechanism focuses the high frequency sound in any direction up to 20° without diffraction and a 3-position tweeter level control provides for precise matching to room acoustics. Three patent-pending spring tensioned mounting clamps permit quick installation and compensate for uneven mounting surfaces and varied environmental conditions. Weather-resistant construction and a MicroThin magnetically attached rust-resistant grille enables installation in moist areas, such as bathrooms or outdoors under eaves.

    Compatible Niles Audio Accessories:
    NCB8C Installation Bracket
    SG8C Square Loudspeaker Grille

    About Niles Audios CM Series Loudspeakers
    Niles Audio CM Series (Ceiling Mount) Loudspeakers deliver an uncompromising combination of designer oriented aesthetics, superb sound performance, and ease of installation. Small footprint and low profile design provide the
    look that today's homeowners desire. Available in 7-inch and 8inch versions, there are various left/center/right (LCR) channel speakers, surround effects speakers, and stereo input dual voice coil speaker models to satisfy applications ranging from advanced home theaters to distributed audio systems.

    Choosing the Right Speaker for Your Application
    Niles CM Loudspeakers are designed to be installed in any standard ceiling. When choosing a location, thought should be given to the sound coverage of the loudspeaker, and ease of running the speaker wire. Niles manufactures a large variety of speaker models for many different applications, with special models for shallow depth ceilings, models with Rear Wave Enclosures to minimize any sound bleeding through to adjacent rooms, etc.
    Stereo Sound Applications - The best stereo effect will be achieved if both loudspeakers are at an equal distance from the listening area. Ideally all loudspeakers should be on the same horizontal plane. Avoid installing loudspeakers near corners to prevent a 'boomy' or diffracted sound. Also note that the lower the ceiling, the closer the loudspeaker should be placed to the listener.
    Home Theater Applications
    Left/Center/Right (LCR) - Position the center channel loudspeaker directly over the television, with the left and right speakers equidistant from the center. The separation between the left and right should not be more than the distance to the primary seating area.
    LCR Multi-Purpose Speakers - A versatile ceiling-mount loudspeaker that performs well for
    background music and home theater. Applications include blending with light can fixtures, distributed audio, LCR channel for family room, home theaters and outdoors on the patio
    LCR Performance Speakers - The perfect blend between value and performance, these loudspeakers deliver high-performance sound in a wide variety of applications. Applications include blending with light can fixtures, secondary or primary listening rooms, family rooms, kitchens, and bedrooms, LCR channel for home theaters
    LCR High-Definition Speakers - Provide superior sound quality and longevity by utilizing advanced components, materials, and circuit design. Applications include LC channel for advanced home theaters, primary listening rooms
    Rear & Side Surround Effects - For the rear speakers, position surround effects loudspeakers behind the listening area, to the inside of the front left and right speakers. The tweeters should point to the sides of the room. For the side speakers, position surround effects loudspeakers to the sides of the listening area with the tweeters in-line with the listener. The tweeters should point to the front and rear of the room.
    FX Speakers - Provide the surround effects (rear, side) channel in a wide variety of home theater and multi-channel music applications. Applications include 5.1 and 7.1-channel home theater systems and multi-channel music systems
    Single Speaker Stereo Input Applications - Stereo Input loudspeakers are ideal for small rooms where positioning two loudspeakers is not practical. Examples would be a small kitchen, bathroom, hallway, or small bedroom. Locate the loudspeaker as close to the center of the room as possible for the most even distribution of sound. Avoid installing the loudspeaker near a corner to prevent a 'boomy' or diffracted sound.

  • Specifications
    Manufacturer Niles Audio
    Manufacturer Product No. CM8HD, FG01663
    UPC 760514016637
    Frequency Response 48Hz To 21kHz +/-3dB
    Impedance 8 Ohm Nominal; 6 Ohm Minimum
    Recommended Amplifier Power 10 To 160 Watts
    Frame Dimensions 11 3/8" (28.9 cm)
    Hole Cutout Dimensions 9 3/4" (24.8 cm)
    Depth Behind Ceiling 5/8" Drywall: 4 1/8" (10.5 cm)
    Weight 6.7 Lbs (3 Kg)
    Manufacturer Warranty Lifetime Limited Warranty

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    • 1x - Speaker
    • 1x - Magnetically attached round grill
    • 1x - Hole template with painting standoffs
    • 1x - Owner's manual
    • 1x - Warranty card

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