Niles Audio C5-HDMI RWM CAT-5 Wall Mount HDMI Receive Balun

Receives HDMI Signals Over Long Distances Using Cost-Effective CAT-5 Cable
  • Shielded CAT-5 Connectors
  • Compatible With HDMI Resolutions Of 480i To 1080p
  • A Transmitter And Receiver Balun Are Required For A Complete System
  • Uses Two Runs Of CAT-5 Cable
  • HDCP Compliant
  • HDMI Version 1.3 Compliant
  • Compatible With CAT-5 And CAT-6 UTP And STP
  • 1-Gang Decora® Style
  • Decora Wall Plate Included
  • Run HDMI Signals Over Long Distance Using Cost-effective CAT-5 Cable
  • WARRANTY 2 year limited



List Price: $229.95

Your Savings: $121.75

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  • TheNiles Audio C5-HDMI RWM CAT-5 Wall Mount HDMI Receive Balun is the most popular use of HDMI baluns. Instead of running a pre-made HDMI cable through the wall from an HDMI switching receiver to an HD display, you simply run two CAT-5 cables and use Niles Audio HDMI Baluns - a much easier (and less expensive) solution. Running HDMI cable inside a wall cavity is risky on new construction projects (the cable could get stolen or damaged), and it is virtually impossible in many retrofit projects.

    The Niles Audio C5-HDMI RWM CAT-5 Wall Mount HDMI Receive Balun application is susceptible to problems due to the "handshaking" required by the HDMI specification. Handshaking refers to the establishment of communication between two HDMI devices - say a Blu-ray player through an A/V receiver to an LCD TV. During this initial communication, information about resolution, copy [rotection, and other parameters are negotiated between the two devices. If there are problems with this handshaking, the two devices will not communicate. If there is a problem, it is usually with the A/V receiver. There are two varieties of HDMI switching found on A/V receivers: "straight switching" and "switching with repeating." A/V receivers that use "switching with repeating" keep the critical handshaking engaged constantly for any connected HDMI device. When a switch occurs, they simply move from one "repeater" connection to another. This means you have less chance of failure. Straight switching units can be hit-or-miss. Also, in our testing we found that, by and large, "repeating" A/V receivers are capable of HDMI balun distances much greater than "switching" only A/V receivers. Therefore we recommend that "repeating" A/V receivers be used in this application.

    • Fits Into A Single Gang J-Box Or P-Ring
    • Overall Dimensions: 2.75" (69.85 Mm) W X 4.5" (114.05 Mm) H X 2.1875" (63.50 Mm) D
    • Transmission Distance At Each Resolution:
      • 480i, 480p, 720p And 1080i-up To 200 Feet (61m)
      • 1080p-up To 100 Feet (30.5m)
    • 5V Power Supply Included With Transmit Models
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