Niles Audio C5-HDMI R CAT-5 HDMI Receive Balun

Niles Audio C5-HDMI R CAT-5 HDMI Receive Balun

Receives HDMI Signals Over Long Distances Using Cost-Effective CAT-5 Cable
  • Shielded CAT-5 Connectors
  • Compatible With HDMI Resolutions From 480i To 1080p
  • A Transmitter And Receiver Balun Are Required For A Complete System
  • Uses Two Runs Of CAT-5 Cable
  • HDCP Compliant
  • HDMI Version 1.3 Compliant
  • Compatible With CAT-5 & CAT-6 UTP And STP
  • Run HDMI Signals Over Long Distances Using Cost-effective CAT-5 Cable
  • WARRANTY 2 year limited


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  • The Niles Audio C5-HDMI R CAT-5 HDMI Receive Balun is the most popular use of HDMI baluns. Instead of running a pre-made HDMI cable through the wall from an HDMI switching receiver to an HD display, you simply run two CAT-5 cables and use Niles Audio HDMI Baluns - a much easier (and less expensive) solution. Running HDMI cable inside a wall cavity is risky on new construction projects (the cable could get stolen or damaged), and it is virtually impossible in many retrofit projects.

    The Niles Audio C5-HDMI R CAT-5 HDMI Receive Balun application is susceptible to problems due to the "handshaking" required by the HDMI specification. Handshaking refers to the establishment of communication between two HDMI devices - say a Blu-ray player through an A/V receiver to an LCD TV. During this initial communication, information about resolution, copy protection, and other parameters are negotiated between the two devices. If there are problems with this handshaking, the two devices will not communicate. If there is a problem, it is usually with the A/V receiver. There are two varieties of HDMI switching found on A/V receivers: "straight switching" and "switching with repeating." A/V receivers that use "switching with repeating" keep the critical handshaking engaged constantly for any connected HDMI device. When a switch occurs, they simply move from one "repeater" connection to another. This means you have less chance of failure. Straight switching units can be hit-or-miss. Also, in our testing we found that, by and large, "repeating" A/V receivers are capable of HDMI balun distances much greater than "switching" only A/V receivers. Therefore we recommend that "repeating" A/V receivers be used in this application.

    • Overall Dimensions: 4.75" (120.7 Mm) W X .85" (21.6 Mm) D X 2" (50.8 Mm) H
    • Transmission Distance At Each Resolution:
      • 480i, 480p, 720p And 1080i-up To 200 Feet (61 M)
      • 1080p-up To 100 Feet (30.5 M)
    • 5V Power Supply Included With Transmit Models
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    Review of 6783 Review by DOUGLAS
    Review of 6783

    The Niles baluns work great. We had a new house build with Cat 5E run the TV location from the AV closet and I had the system up and running in about 20 minutes including terminating the RJ48 connectors. Full 1080P at about 70 feet on the wire runs.

    Posted on 7/20/2011

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