Niles Audio C5-HDDAWM Wall Mount Cat-5 Component Video and Digital Audio Balun

Run Component Video and Digital Audio Signals Over Long Distances Using Cost-Effective CAT-5 Cable
  • CAT-5 Connector
  • Gold-Plated Color Coded RCA Jacks
  • Passive Circuitry - Power Supply Not Required
  • 1-Gang Decora® Style
  • Decora Wall Plate Included
  • Can Be Used With VS-6 Component + Video Switcher
  • Transmission Distance: Digital Audio: 500' (150 M)
  • WARRANTY 10 year limited



List Price: $114.95

Your Savings: $60.83

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  • The Niles Audio C5-HDDAWM Wall Mount CAT-5 Component Video and Digital Audio Balun is a stand-alone device that transforms high-resolution component video and coaxial digital audio to and from CAT-5 twisted pair cabling. It has two sets of simple connections. The first is four RCA connectors for the component video and digital audio signals. The second is a shielded CAT-5 connector for the CAT-5 twisted pair connection. The circuitry is passive so there is no need for a power supply.

    The C5-HDDAWM allows a component video and digital audio device such as a satellite receiver or DVD player to be located an extended distance from the system it is to be connected to. Doing so with conventional audio/video cabling is both expensive and prone to signal degradation. By using a pair of these devices and a run of CAT-5 the problem can be solved inexpensively and without signal loss and the introduction of noise. In addition, in today's retrofit market an installer cannot always successfully run a wire from point A to point B. There exists however an abundance of twisted pair cabling in many homes. By using a pair of these devices with an existing wire an installer may be able to complete a job that he otherwise could not.

    • Shielded CAT-5 Connector
    • Gold Plated Color Coded RCA Connectors
    • Ten-year limited warranty
    • 1-Gang Decora Style
    • Decora wall plate included
    • Overall dimensions: 1.75" (44.5 mm) W x 2.84" (7.2 mm) H x 1.99" (5 mm) D
    • Cut out size: 1.87" (47.5 mm) W x 3.00" (76.2 mm) H x 2.50" (63.50 mm) D
    • Bandwidth:
      • Video: 0 - 60 MHz, -3 dB
      • Digital Audio: 25 MHz -1 dB
    • Transmission Distance:
      • Video, Color, CAT-5 UTP or STP:
        • 480i/p:1000' (300 m)
        • 720p: 500' (150 m)
        • 1080i: 500' (150 m)
        • Digital Audio: 500' (150 m)
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