Nightingale Smart Home Sleep System - 2-Pack, White

Nightingale Smart Home Sleep System - 2-Pack, White

The Most Advanced Sleep System, Fall Asleep Faster, Stay Asleep Longer
  • Support for specialized conditions - Personalize settings to address snoring2 or tinnitus
  • Integration with smart home products - Control with Amazon Alexa and Google Home, and connect with Nest, Philips Hue, and other smart home applications through IFTTT
  • Automatic on and off - Schedule Nightingale to ramp on and turn off at exact times, so it is automatically on when you need it
  • Soothing sounds - Beyond tailored sound blankets, choose soothing nature sounds to mask noise and promote relaxation
  • Built-in LED light - Illuminate the night with a multi-color light
  • Dual pass-through wall plugs - Let other devices plug into the outlet, thanks to the pass-through plug
  • Uniform coverage - Each unit features two speakers, which immerse the entire room in a comfortable, non-localized sound blanket
  • Placement flexibility - For bedrooms up to 300 sq. ft. Ideal for medium to large bedrooms
  • Grows with your household - Easily expands by adding more units throughout your home


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  • How Nightingale works?

    Designed by acoustical experts, backed by science. Nightingale’s proprietary sound-masking technology immerses the bedroom in personalized sound blankets – each tailored to room acoustics and sleep conditions. Managed from your smartphone and powered by the cloud, Nightingale integrates with popular smarthome devices.

    Nightingale reduces wake occurrences

    The ultimate bedroom sleep condition is created by adding sound blankets that are acoustically tuned to the frequencies of common noises. These sound blankets reduce the signal-to-noise ratio of outside sounds, masking noises that would otherwise disrupt sleep patterns.

    Traditional white noise machines don’t Stack up

    Typical White Noise Machine

    • Emits sound from one location, that is easily localized and can be distracting
    • Same sound Produced regardless of room acoustics
    • Consumes a power outlet
    • Visible and placed at or above sleeping ear level which adds to distraction
    • No smart home integration, no mobile access
    • Clunky and outdated hardware design


    • Each unit features two speakers, which immerse the entire room in a comfortable, non-localized sound blanket
    • Creates unique sound blankets based on your rooms acoustics
    • Pass through plugs means it does not consume a precious power outlet
    • Can be placed behind furniture and below sleeping ear level in wall outlets for greater comfort
    • Integrates with smart home devices and controlled via mobile apps
    • Modern and minimalist hardware design

    A smart sleep solution

    Customized for you.

    Adjust to different room types, room sizes, and sleeping conditions such as tinnitus, or snoring from an adjacent room.

    Designed for your smart home.

    Controllable by Amazon Alexa and Google Home. Connect to smart home devices such as Ring, Nest, and Phillips Hue.

    Control from your smartphone.

    Set up and manage the sleep environments for your entire household, including multiple residences, from your smartphone or PC.

    Uniform coverage.

    Use the two included Nightingale units to fully immerse a typically sized bedroom (up to 300 ft2).

    Grows with your household.

    Expand by adding more units throughout your household, and to other residences – all easily controllable from your app or browser.

    Automatic on and off.

    Nightingale includes auto-ramping to slowly fill the room with your custom sound blanket as you prepare for bed, and turns off before you wake up.

  • General
    Manufacturer Cambridge Sound Management, Inc
    Manufacturer Product No. NGT-1-US
    UPC 840337101274
    Physical Dimensions (H x W x D)
    (Depth is 1” when it is plugged in)
    4.3” x 2.7” x 1.7”
    Weight 5.5 oz.
    Voltage/Amperage 100V/15A
    Masking Blanket Frequency Rage 500 Hz - 4 Hz @ 30 - 50 db(SPL)
    Sound pressure Range 0 - 60 dB (SPL)
    Optimal Sound Pressure 43 dB (SPL)
    Radios Wi-Fi 802.3 (2.485 GHz)
    Bluetooth LE 802.2 (2.485 GHz)
    Coverage Area 300 sq. ft.
    Light Colors White, red, yellow, blue, green
    Applications Adult Bedroom
    Hotel Room
    Infant / Kids Bedroom
    Hospital Room
    Dormitory Room
    Rental Property
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