New Products Submission Process & Contact Information

New Products Submission Process & Contact InformationEvery Product must go through our rigorous hands-on testing & evaluation processIf you would like us to consider carrying your product, these are the steps to follow & the process we will go through (this process will take 2-6 weeks)1. Product Submission PhaseA. Send a retail ready production sample at no charge to the following address:Attn: New Products Acquisition TeamSmarthome16542 Millikan AveIrvine, CA 92606*Include the following form in the box: New Product Submission FormB. Email completed Product Launch Workbook and tracking information for sample to:[email protected] and [email protected] *For email subject line: [Insert Manufacturer Name] Product Launch WorkbookC. Send high resolution images (at least 300dpi, min size 6" x 6"), brand logo (hi-res TIF file) & product videos (mpeg, wmv, swf, and avi preferred) to:[email protected]*For email subject line: [Insert Manufacturer Name, Mfg Part # & Product Name] Images D. Send manual, quick-start guides and diagrams (in PDF format) to: [email protected]*For email subject line: [Insert Manufacturer Name, Mfg Part # & Product Name] CopyE. Send completed Supplier Contact Sheet to:[email protected]*For email subject line: [Insert Manufacturer Name] Supplier ContactsSend questions to: [email protected]2. Testing & Evaluation PhaseSeveral testers will use the product evaluating functionality & features; quality; ease of use and ease of manual/instructions.3. Pricing Phase If product passes #2, it goes to our Pricing Dept who will do an evaluation of market pricing; COGS analysis and margin analysis.4. Finalize Negotiations Phase If product passes #3, we will present our findings to you and finalize negotiations (Supplier Agreement/Terms signed and initiate product & supplier set-up).5. Launch PhaseProduct is sent to Web & Merchandising Team for product page creation/videos/creatives/marketing plan.6. PO PhasePurchasing Dept places initial order.Smarthome Team Contact Information for Product SuppliersNew Product Presentation & Evaluation = New Products Acquisition TeamPhone: 949-252-6966Fax: 949-221-9241Email: [email protected] (goes to the New Products Team - any member can assist you).Pre-Launch Pricing/Contract Questions = Purchasing DeptPhone: 949-252-6963Fax: 949-252-6971Email: [email protected]Post-Launch Communication: Pricing changes; Existing Supplier Contracts; Supplier Contact Updates; Product Status (Disco/Product Replacement); Purchase Order/Fulfillment/Shipping Related Inquiries = Purchasing DeptPhone: 949-252-6963Fax: 949-252-6971Email: [email protected]Advertising Pricing/Packages Inquiries (Catalog/Website/Email/Skymall Ad Opportunities) = Marketing DeptPhone: 949-252-6972PR Inquiries (Press Release quotes/approval) = PR DeptPhone: 949-252-6962Email: [email protected]Invoicing/Payment Related Inquiries = Accounts Payable DeptPhone: 949-252-6964Fax: 949-221-0367Email: [email protected]Accounts Receivable Related Inquiries = Accounts Receivable DeptPhone: 949-252-6965Fax: 949-221-0367Email: [email protected]Existing Product Webpage (copy/images) Changes/Updates = Web TeamEmail: [email protected]

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