New Products Submission Process & Contact Information


If you are New Supplier and would like Smarthome to consider carrying your product, the on-boarding process is as follows (this process may take 2-6 weeks):

Product Submission Phase

  • Product Sample
    • Please send a retail-ready working sample that will be used for testing, photography and for demonstration in our retail store (if we decide to carry your product) to:
      • Attn: New Products
      • Smarthome
      • 16542 Millikan Ave
      • Irvine, CA 92606
    • The sample is to be sent at no charge and must include a New Product Submission Form (if more than one product is being sent for consideration, please include separate forms for each product)
    • Every product must go through our rigorous hands-on testing & evaluation process
    • Please note: The sample will not be returned
  • Product / Supplier Information and Assets
Please note: the quickest way to get your products live and selling on is to send us the above ASAP. Any changes or requests you may have will significantly slow down the process.

Testing & Evaluation Phase

Several testers will use the product evaluating functionality & features; quality; ease of use and ease of manual/instructions.

Pricing Phase

If your product passes testing, it goes to Purchasing for price analysis and terms agreement.

Launch Phase

Product is sent to Web & Merchandising Team for product page creation/videos/creatives/marketing plan. Purchasing places PO.

Smarthome Contact Information

  • New Product Presentation & Evaluation = New Products Acquisition Team
    • Phone: 949-252-6966
    • Fax: 949-221-9241
    • Email: [email protected] (goes to the New Products Team - any member can assist you).
  • Pre-Launch Pricing/Contract Questions = Purchasing Dept
    • Phone: 949-252-6966
    • Fax: 949-252-9241
    • Email: [email protected] (goes to the New Products Team - any member can assist you).
  • Post-Launch Communication: Pricing changes; Existing Supplier Contracts; Supplier Contact Updates; Product Status (Disco/Product Replacement); Purchase Order/Fulfillment/Shipping Related Inquiries = Purchasing Dept
  • Advertising Pricing/Packages Inquiries (Catalog/Website/Email/Skymall Ad Opportunities) = Marketing Dept
    • Phone: 949-252-6972
  • PR Inquiries (Press Release quotes/approval) = PR Dept
  • Invoicing/Payment Related Inquiries = Accounts Payable Dept
  • Accounts Receivable Related Inquiries = Accounts Receivable Dept
  • Existing Product Webpage (copy/images) Changes/Updates = Web Team

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