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Control lighting and other appliances from another part of your home or across the country. We've made our starter kits even more affordable, so you can try automating your home without breaking the bank!

Control Your Lights At Home, Work or on Vacation

SmartLinc Plug-In Starter Kit

SmartLinc is an easy to use web-based controller that allows you to access and control your home from any web-enabled device such as an iPhone, iPod touch, laptop or any device with a web browser. With SmartLinc, you can check to see if you've left the lights on and even turn them off while you're at the office or you can simply dim the lights while relaxing on your couch. Expand SmartLinc to monitor and control the garage door, adjust the temperature and more. This starter kit comes with one SmartLinc and three plug-in modules: two dimmer switches and one On/Off (relay) switch.

SmartLinc Plug-In Kit
Introductory price:$16499
List: $219.99
Save: $55.00
Access Your Lights From Anywhere in the House

RemoteLinc Plug-In Kit
Control lights from across the house, simply turn off the bathroom light or dim the lights from your bed. With this starter kit, you'll get your hands on a simple to use remote that can control and dim two lamps and one appliance or an energy saving compact fluorescent lamp. RemoteLinc is also expandable to control up to 6 individual devices or groups of devices.

RemoteLinc Plug-In Kit
Introductory price:$18699
List: $249.99
Save: $63.00
Remote Control Wall Switch Kits
These easy-to-install kits give you all the same great functionality as the kits listed above but with remote control wall switches. Each kit includes two dimmer switches and one On/Off (relay) switch. The RemoteLinc kit also includes the RF receiver, which receives the signal from the remote.
RemoteLinc Wire-In Kit

SmartLinc Wire-In Kit
RemoteLinc Wire-In Kit
Introductory price: $19899
List: $264.99
Save: $66.00
SmartLinc Wire-In Kit
Introductory price: $17599
List: $234.99
Save: $59.00

These starter kits are just the beginning for what you can control with home automation....

The solutions are endless, however you have to take the first step, and now is the time!

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