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Computer Control


  • Graphical Virtual Reality 2-Way X10 Controller With IR Audio/Video Control
  • Floorplans or scanned photographs represent rooms in your home
  • Icons represent X10 and IR devices/commands, and macros; simply clickto control them
  • Open multiple room views and jump from room to room instantly as if youwere doing a virtual walkthrough
  • Full 2-way X10 control and monitoring capabilities
  • Programmed events & macros continue to work even when computer isturned off
  • Icons update on-screen in real time as X10 commands are sent/received

Touchscreen X10 Control Panel

The ultimate X10 control panel for your home! This elegant touchscreen panelcan control up to 240 different X10 devices on all 256 X10 addresses. Eachtouchscreen selection can be user configured with a label of up to 12alphanumeric characters. On the main menu each selection can be defined asan X10 device control, an X10 macro trigger, or a sub-menu key.

HomeVisionTM - Interactive Intelligent Home Control

  • Display control screens on any TV
  • Two-way IR & X10 control
  • 8 digital inputs, 8 digital outputs & 8 input/output ports


HomeVoiceTM uses the latest voicerecognition technology to give you control of your home.It uses a soundblaster compatible soundcard (not included) and your PC toadd voice recognition capabilities to many popular home automationcontrollers.It supports the JDS StargateTM, JDSTimeCommanderTM and TimeCommanderTM (Plus), HomeVisionTM, and the X10 ActiveHome interface.HomeVoiceTM works with the existingdownloaded schedules and macros that you may already have programmed.But now with HomeVoiceTM you can controlthe macros and output devices with your voice.

X10 Computer Control

ezONLINETM - Interactive Intelligent Home Control

Just plug the ezONLINETM system into theexisting electricaloutlets to add modem or phone and fax service extensions toany room. No more unnecessary wiring!

X10 Security Systems

RF Water Flood Detector

Detect water flooding with this wireless sensor for X10 security systems.Sends an alarm signal to X10 security systems when probe is covered withwater. Works with the HAS-7302 Monitor PlusSecurity System and the HAS-7301 X10 SecuritySystem.

Security Systems

Stainless Steel Outdoor Speaker

A rugged quality speaker mounted in an attractive tamperresistant no-rust enclosure. Ideal for exposed outdoorinstallations. Use with most siren drivers or even as a PAspeaker.

Universal 30 Watt Speaker

A rugged compact speaker that can be used for paging, voice messages ortraditional alarm signals. Produces loud clear sounds.

Recordable Voice Module & SirenDriver

  • Up to 20 seconds of your own messages
  • Three different sirens
  • Hefty 24 watt audio amplifier

Learning Keychain and RF Remote

  • Learning Keychain and RF Remote
  • Learns codes from most garage door openers
  • Learns X10 RF remote codes
  • Put different X10 house codes on same remote

Wireless Drive Up Announcer & EntryDetection System

Avoid surprise "visitors." This system ofwireless outdoor & indoor PIR motionsensors sends RF signals to thereceiver in your home to alert you of anapproaching vehicle or visitor. Thereceiver unit plays a chime whenvisitors are detected. Up to 3 differentsensors can be monitored by onereceiver.

Weather & Environment Sensors

Float Switch

  • Detect rising or falling water levels
  • NO or NC contacts
  • 1 amp max @ 24VDC

Whole-House Audio/Video

Blast IR Emitter

A high power IR emitter that can be used to blast IR signals up to about 35feet. Use multiple emitters together to increase range. Simply drill asmall hole and push fit to install or use a dab of glue.

IR Remote & Wireless Audio Video Control

A/V Producer® 8

Operates any combination of eight devices including TV, VCR, Cable/VideoAccessories, DBS/SAT, CD, Laserdisc, DVD, Cassette, Amplifier,Miscellaneous Audio, and Tuner/Receivers.

Home Producer® 8

The Home Producer 8® has all the features of the A/V Producer 8 butadds the ability to control devices through walls up to 100' away.The remote uses radio frequency (RF) and an RF to IR base to make thispossible.

Shirt Pocket Learning IR Remote

  • Consolidate all your remotes into one
  • Built-in timer sends IR command up to 24 hours later

Pro Producer® 7

  • Overlays are included for labeling keys.
  • Upgradable to operate new devices.

R3 Learning Remote

  • Replaces up to 11 remotes
  • 50 macros w. up to 50 steps ea.
  • 32K RAM, 32K ROM
  • Includes custom labeling set

Speaker & Speaker Control

JBL Architectural Series 8" In-wallSpeakers

  • 35Hz to 20,000Hz
  • Tweeter, adjustment control
  • 1" titanium tweeter, 8" polypropylene woofer
  • 60 watts maximum recommended power

BIC Venturi 12" PoweredSubwoofer

  • Add high powered bass without upgrading your equipment
  • 25 to 180Hz, 170W amplifier built-in

JBL Architectural Series In-wallSubwoofer

  • Flush mounts in walls
  • 32 to 300Hz, 120W maximum

In Floor/Ceiling Subwoofer

  • Add thundering bass invisibly
  • Mounts under wood floors or above ceilings
  • 30 to 100Hz, 100W RMS, 140W maximum

Video Surveillance

Moving Eyeball Video Camera

  • Minimum illumination: 0.4 lux
  • Resolution: 380 TV lines minimum
  • Iris control: Electronic
  • Supply voltage: 8 - 14 VDC (standard)
  • Connectors: 6 pin mini DIN jack: Video, Microphone, VDC, Ground,Speaker -
  • Lens: 4.3mm / 1.8
  • Size: 1.9" W x 1.9" H x 2.1" D
  • Mounting hole: 1/4 - 20 (Bottom of camera)
  • Weight: 5 oz. (130 grams)

Adjustable In-Wall Camera

In-wall video camera with adjustable vertical and horizontal viewing angle.Ideal for entryways, for use with door intercom systems and any otherapplication where a flush in-wall installation is desirable. Adjustable3-way gimbal makes it possible to position the camera to get the bestviewing angle. Brushed stainless steel front plate. Single J box size.Power supply included.

Tamperproof Corner Mount Camera

Video camera mounted in a tamper-proof steel enclosure. Ideal forelevators, lobbies, offices, banks, etc. Power supply included.

Traditional C Mount Cameras

Traditional design surveillance cameras with interchangeable lenses. Thesecameras use standard C or CS mount lenses (not included).

Videotector Motion Detector

Attach the sensor on the video monitor. Any movement in the picturetriggers audible alarm and contact closure. Use the contact closure tostart a VCR or trigger an external security system. Adjustable sensitivityand alarm volume. Optional second sensor allows covering a second monitorsimultaneously. Sensor can be moved from monitor to monitor easily.

360? Side View Smoke Detector VideoCamera

Camera disguised in a real smoke detector. Lens looks out sideways throughthe mesh grille. Ideal for those applications where a downward looking viewis not desirable. Up to 5 cameras can be installed within the same housingto give a full 360? view a vertical downward view (pinhole lens).

Economy Color Smoke DetectorCamera

Color smoke detector camera with one fixed downward facing lens. (Mount onwall to get a side viewing angle.)

Exit Sign Camera

This camera serves as a real illuminated exit sign required by many citiesas well as a hidden surveillance system. Ideal for monitoring entrances.Power supply included.

Shoplifter Mirror Camera

"See around the corner" mirrors are common place in many stores but thisone has a video camera hidden behind it so you can monitor what is going oneven when they think you are not looking. Power supply included.

Working Ceiling Speaker Camera

A video camera hidden in a working ceiling speaker. One of the mostundetectable cameras we carry. Hook this up to a music or PA system and noone will ever suspect it is a video camera. Power supply included.

Deluxe Motion Detector Camera

This video camera has a traditional security PIR motion detector look. Thecamera has a pinhole lens and is undetectable. Get the working PIR versioncomplete with motion sensing LED indicator and no one will ever suspect itis a camera.

Monitor up to 360 Degrees With One Camera!

This scanner smoothly pans a video camera from side to side to cover a wide area. Increases the visual deterrent value of the video camera. Rotates at 6 degrees per second. Max. rotation 355 degrees with adjustable stops. Indoor use for balanced loads of up to 15.5 lbs.

Automatic Indoor Pan/Tilt System

Remotely control the pan and tilt of a camera to cover exactly what you want to see. Handles loads up to 8 lbs. Can also be set to automatically pan left and right continuously.

GBC High Resolution B&W Video Monitors

High resolution B&W video monitors with 850 lines of resolution and loop through output. Available with or without audio monitoring.

3.8" Color LCD Monitor

Portable monitor ideal for camera installation monitoring.
An attractive compact color monitor only about 1.5 inches thick and weighing 9 oz. Runs up to 3 hours on 6 AA batteries. Use for portable video surveillance monitoring or as a versatile miniature monitor you can install virtually anywhere in the home.


Just plug the ezTVTM system into existing electrical outlets to view and control cable TV, satellite TV or VCR videos in any room in the home.

Camera Sequencers with Audio

Similar to above but with 0.05 to 35 second adjustable interval between cameras.

Video Accessories

Glass Link

  • Pass DBS signals through glass windows without drilling

Dual Output LNB

Most DBS systems come with a single output LNB (the device on the end of the satellite dish). If you want to add another DBS receiver, so that two different DBS channels can be watched at the same time, you must add another DBS dish or use a dual output LNB. Simply splitting the existing signal from a single output LNB will force both receivers to watch the same channel. Replace the existing LNB on your dish with this unit and you can add another DBS receiver without having to install another DBS dish.

In-Wall Wiring - Accessories

All-In-One Video and Data Cable

This cable includes 2 quality quad shield RG6 cables and 2 category 5, 4 pair networking cable wrapped into a single cable bundle. It provides the video cabling necessary for an external and internal TV video signal distribution system and two data cables.

In-Wall Junction Boxes

If you need to add junction boxes to house jacks, volume controls, switches or receptacles these units make it easy. Just cut a rectangular hole in the drywall, pop this box in and tighten 2 screws. A clamp flips out behind the drywall as you tighten the screws to clamp the box into position.


Just plug the ezAUDIOTM system into existing electrical outlets to transmit quality stereo sound signals to anywhere in your home. ezAUDIOTM consists of a transmitter and a receiver. The receiver has an amplifier,a headphone and line-out connectors, and enables the consumer to connect speakers, headphones, or even remote amplifiers in any room of the home.

Route IR Signals Into Your Stereo Cabinet with Hot Link

If your A/V equipment is housed behind an opaque cabinet door, IR remote signals will not be able to reach it. Hot link solves this problem by routing the IR signals into the cabinet. The high sensitivity of the Hot Link receiver can also extend the range of your remotes.


Just plug the ezPHONETM system into existing electrical outlets to add phone, fax, or Caller ID service extensions to any room. No more unnecessary wiring!

HVAC Thermostats

Motorized Registers

Now you can automatically regulate the airflow into rooms with electronic register control. This is ideal for situations where the installation of electronic dampers may be inconvenient. Simply replace the existing registers with these units and you can power them open and closed with the touch of a button.

Electric Baseboard Heater Thermostat with X10 Setback

  • For 208/240VAC Baseboard Heaters
  • 3000/3500 Watt Capacity
  • Maintains temperature within /- 0.4 degrees C
  • Remote Temperature Setback of up to 15 degrees by X10 Control

Phone & Intercom Systems


Just plug the ezPHONETM system into existing electrical outlets to add phone, fax, or Caller ID service extensions to any room. No more unnecessary wiring!

Always In Touch

Hook this unit up to your home or office phone line and answering machine and it will automatically page you when someone calls and leaves a message. If you have Caller ID service, it will even show you the caller's number.

Compact 10 Watt Audio Amplifier

Use this compact versatile amplifier for telephone paging, PA and alarm annunciation applications. It is also ideal for distributing home automation voice announcements throughout the home.

View Caller ID On Your TV

  • 14 caller log
  • Message waiting indicator
Don?t miss your favorite TV show for an unwanted phone call. When the phone rings the TV Messenger automatically pops up the Caller ID info on the top of the TV screen without interrupting the the program.

Irrigation Systems

Plantsitter 10

  • Waters 10 plants for up to 5 weeks
  • 6.5 liter (11.26 pint) reservoir
  • Choice of dripper flow rates
  • Waters plants at heights of up to 8 ft.
  • Built-in timer, manual override
  • Convenient battery operation
  • 7.5" diameter, 15.5" high

Plantsitter 30

  • Waters 30 plants
  • 12 liter (21.12 pint) reservoir
  • Choice of dripper flow rates
  • Waters plants at heights of up to 8 ft.
  • Built-in timer, manual override
  • Water level and battery indicators
  • Battery or AC power operation
  • 12.5" diameter, 15.5" high

Plantsitter 1

  • Ideal for larger plants
  • Waters 1 plant for up to 12 weeks
  • 3 liter (5.28 pint) reservoir
  • Choice of dripper flow rates
  • Platform traps and recycles overflow
  • For plants up to 132 lbs.
  • Built-in timer, manual override
  • Long-life - 1 year battery
  • Optional casters included for mobility
  • Approx. 13" diameter platform, 3.5" high

Pet Care Automation

Automatic Water Bowl

Simply attach a garden hose to this water bowl and you never have to worry about your dog being without water. A mechanical float valve automatically keeps this water bowl full. Two versions available, a wall mounted unit and a 2 bowl, free standing unit.

Electronic Flea Comb

Simply comb your pet and any fleas that come into contact with the comb are instantly killed. Completely harmless to your pet. Recommended for short to medium haired cats and dogs.

Radio Fence®

Plug the transmitter into a standard outlet and it emits a radio signal that travels along an underground wire. The lightweight receiver worn on your pet's collar picks up the radio signal and alerts it as it nears the underground boundary that you have customized for your yard. If he crosses the boundary, it will receive a mild correction, similar to a static shock.

Pet Repel®

Place the small, disk-shaped Pet Repel® transmitter near the area from which your pet is prohibited. The range on the Pet Repel® system is a 2-20 ft. radius from the transmitter (user adjustable). Your pet wears the small receiver collar around its neck. When it nears the control area, a warning beep sounds on the collar. If your pet continues to approach, a mild correction similar to a static shock is given.

Voice Recognition Bark Control Collar

The Voice Recognition Bark Control Collar memorizes your pet?s unique bark by use of a state-of-the-art computerized voice recognition chip. The collar trains your dog to stop excessive barking by using one of 10 programmable levels of correction.

Ultrasonic Pest Deterrent

  • Deters dogs, cats, birds, squirrels, rodents and more
  • Covers up to 4000 square feet
  • Inaudible to humans

Home Automation Books

Automated Home Control Book
  • X10 protocol and hardwire I/O control
  • Lighting and appliance automated control
  • HVAC automated control
  • Water systems automated control
  • Whole house audio/video control
  • Security system interface methods
  • Surge suppression
  • Powerline carrier trouble shooting and much more. 202 pages.

Understanding and Installing Home Systems
  • Remote control of your thermostat
  • Remote speaker switching
  • Making your house talk
  • Detecting visitors at the door
  • Garage door open indicator
  • Sprinkler system rain detector

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