Introducing Our Newest Audio/Video Products
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Introducing Our Newest Audio/Video Products

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Whole-House Audio/Video

Blast IR Emitter

A high power IR emitter that can be used to blast IR signals up to about 35 feet. Use multiple emitters together to increase range. Simply drill a small hole and push fit to install or use a dab of glue.

Leviton Rack Mount Surge Suppressor

High quality surge suppressor for sensitive computer and A/V equipment. Protects against surges up to 33,000 amps. 300 joules protection. Protects in normal mode (L-N) & common mode (L-G, N-G).

IR Remote & Wireless Audio Video Control

A/V Producer® 8

Operates any combination of eight devices including TV, VCR, Cable/Video Accessories, DBS/SAT, CD, Laserdisc, DVD, Cassette, Amplifier, Miscellaneous Audio, and Tuner/Receivers.

Home Producer® 8

The Home Producer 8® has all the features of the A/V Producer 8 but adds the ability to control devices through walls up to 100' away. The remote uses radio frequency (RF) and an RF to IR base to make this possible.

Shirt Pocket Learning IR Remote

  • Consolidate all your remotes into one
  • Built-in timer sends IR command up to 24 hours later

Pro Producer® 7

  • Overlays are included for labeling keys.
  • Upgradable to operate new devices.

R3 Learning Remote

  • Replaces up to 11 remotes
  • 50 macros w. up to 50 steps ea.
  • 32K RAM, 32K ROM
  • Includes custom labeling set

Speaker & Speaker Control

JBL Architectural Series 8" In-wall Speakers

  • 35Hz to 20,000Hz
  • Tweeter, adjustment control
  • 1" titanium tweeter, 8" polypropylene woofer
  • 60 watts maximum recommended power

BIC Venturi 12" Powered Subwoofer

  • Add high powered bass without upgrading your equipment
  • 25 to 180Hz, 170W amplifier built-in

JBL Architectural Series In-wall Subwoofer

  • Flush mounts in walls
  • 32 to 300Hz, 120W maximum

In Floor/Ceiling Subwoofer

  • Add thundering bass invisibly
  • Mounts under wood floors or above ceilings
  • 30 to 100Hz, 100W RMS, 140W maximum

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