Netatmo tags, 3packs


Netatmo DTG01-EUS-A Security Sensor Tags, (3-Pack)

Waterproof Security Sensors for Doors and Windows
  • Detects when someone may be waiting at your door, even before they ring the doorbell
  • Up to 262" outdoor wireless range
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use on all door and window mechanisms
  • Only works with Netatmo Welcome Camera, sold separately


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  • 3 sensors that notifies when doors and windows are opened. Netatmo Tags can be placed on your windows, doors or even mailbox. When they are opened, they send a notification to your smartphone. The Tags also have open and close sensors, to let you know if you accidentally left a window or the garage door open. Up to 1 years battery life. The Tags only work with the Netatmo Welcome camera, sold separately..

    Detect Motion Even Before an Intrusion Occurs

    Place Tags on your windows, doors or driveway gates to receive a notification when they are opened.

    As the Tags sense vibrations, they can alert you even before an intrusion.

    Know if You Left a Window Open

    Thanks to the Tags' integrated open/closed state sensor, you can choose to be alerted if you have accidentally left a window or the garage door open.

    Check directly on your smartphone if all windows are closed.

    Indoor and Outdoor Tags

    Place the Tags where you need them, the waterproof Tags can be installed indoor and outdoor.

    Installation is easy, simply stick the one-piece Tag to any door or window.

    For an Extra Layer of Security

    Add the Tags now to your Welcome camera - the security system protects your home from the inside out.

    Thanks to their extra-long reach, Netatmo Tags can be placed up to 80m (260ft) away from the camera. The Tags’ batteries have a 1 year lifespan

    Getting Started

    You can not use the Netatmo Tags without Welcome Security Camera, which operate as a "base" station for the Netatmo Tags, you have two choices. You can do it through the mobile app on your smartphone (or tablet) or you can do it through a web browser on your computer. The process is fundamentally the same.

  • Specifications
    Manufacturer Netatmo
    Manufacturer Product No. DTG01-EUSA
    UPC 700730501173
    Size 76 x 15.8 x 30.4 mm
    2.99 x 0.62 x 1.2 inches
    Mechanics & Design Single piece of high quality plastic
    Indoor and outdoor: resistant to UV, rain and wind
    Suits all door and window mechanisms
    Sensors Motion/vibration-sensor
    Radio connection between Tags and Netatmo Presence Long range (80m/260ft)
    Power & Batteries Powered by 2 AAA batteries (up to 1 year autonomy)
    Requirments Only work with the Netatmo Welcome Camera, sold separately
    App Compatibility iOS 6 or higher
    Android 4.0 or higher
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    • 3x - Netatmo Tags
    • 3x - Strong Adhesives Strips
    • 6x - AAA batteries

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