netAQUA Ethernet Web Enabled Irrigation Controller


netAQUA Ethernet Web Enabled Irrigation Controller

Smarter and Improved Landscape Watering Directly from Internet Enabled Devices
  • Pro-grade water savings plus plant protection using international Internet weather service and optional local microclimate sensors
  • Ethernet with WiFi option, easy to use from computer, tablet, smartphone, and local LCD interface for off-network control
  • Flow sensor option tracks usage and detects line breaks with automatic shutoff and alarms
  • Expandable 9-45 zones, weatherproof enclosure, industrial grade components, secure access
  • Supports indexing valves and well recovery, high wind, freeze and hot weather protection


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  • The netAQUA NA-9DETHERNETKIT Ethernet Web Enabled Irrigation Controller is a professional grade do-it-all lawn and garden watering controllers that takes full advantage of the Internet to conserve water while protecting your plants. Designed for home or business landscapes, it is super-easy to use, intelligent, accessible worldwide for remote control, and able to harness the power of environmental sensors and Internet weather stations to adjust watering automatically. Gone are the confusing dials and buttons and the associated limited functionality of the traditional controller. The netAQUA replaces these with a sleek point-and-click interface for your computer, tablet or smartphone. Plus, for those moments when you don't have a web-enabled device, the netAQUA 9D also has a local menu-driven LCD interface.

    The netAQUA is environmentally hardened so that it is equally effective indoors and out. Installation is as simple as wiring in the zone control wires just like on any traditional sprinkler controller and then connecting the netAQUA to your home or business network via Wi-Fi or Ethernet. Internet weather data is supplied from Weather Underground, an international network with more than 32,000 stations worldwide. Optional local sensors can provide microclimate temperature and rainfall information, and a flow sensor can prevent that disastrous costly line break, a blocked line or simply help keep track of water usage. Deep watering is made easy with four cycles with four start times per day and slope/clay cycle and soak settings for each zone. Water restrictions are accommodated by specifying the day of the week, odd, even or every N days. The netAQUA give you unprecedented control and automation of your irrigation system with an environmentally conscious product that saves both water and money.

    Features and Benefits
    Features Benefits
    Network Device Easy, Intuitive user interface.

    Remote accessibility over the Internet from computer, smartphone, iPad, or any tablet.

    Interacts with Internet weather service.

    Time always in sync with Internet time.
    Optional Wi-Fi Capability Installation requires no network wiring.

    Can be controlled by Wi-Fi enabled devices: laptops, iPads, smartphones, tablets
    Browser Based User Interface No special software required.

    No driver installation required.

    Works with any operating system, Windows and MAC, all versions.

    Works with multiple browsers.

    Intuitive interface.

    Easy help file access.
    Local LCD Display and Control Interface Allows local users without network access to control and monitor irrigation.

    Intuitive, menu driven with help screens.
    Internet weather settings to control the amount of watering Saves water and protects landscape while you are away
    Freeze Control Prevents watering at low, or below freezing temperatures, protecting against broken pipes
    High wind threshold Prevents water loss due to high winds
    Optional Local Temperature Sensor Adjusts watering to local temperature. Saves water and protects landscape by adjusting to your specific ecosystem.
    Optional Local Rain Sensor Disables watering when it rains
    Optional water flow sensor Protects against broken lines and non-operative valves
    Slope/clay settings Intermittent watering cycle prevents runoff
    Inter-zone delay settings Supports slow well recovery

    Supports slow acting valves

    Supports multi-zone indexing valves
    Weather-resistant enclosure Can be mounted outdoors
    Industrial grade components Reliable outdoor operation
    Non-volatile memory Remembers user configuration even with extended power loss
    Modular expansion units Expand the number of zones in 9 and 18 zone increments up to 45 zones
    Direct replacement for legacy controllers Easy replacement of outmoded devices

  • Specifications
    Manufacturer Roslen Eco-Networking Products
    Manufacturer Product No. NA-9DETHERNETKIT
    UPC 859855004011
    Dimensions 3 inches x 5 inches x 8.2 inches
    Weight 4.5 pounds
    Input Power 24 VAC with earth ground, 1.67A
    Number of Irrigation Zones 9 zones expandable in 9 or 18 zone increments up to 45 zones
    Sensor Inputs Temperature


    Network Connections 10/100 Ethernet RJ45

    Wi-Fi 802.11 bgn (optional)
    Operating Environment 0&degF to 122&degF (-18&degC to 50&degC)
    Manufacturer Warranty 30 day satisfaction guarantee if returned in original condition

    2-year hardware repair or replacement
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    Review of 31531 Review by B
    Review of 31531

    Works just as advertised. Setup was simple.

    Posted on 5/16/2014

    Review of 31531 Review by B R
    Review of 31531

    Works just as advertised. Setup was simple.

    Posted on 5/16/2014

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    • 1x - netAQUA 9D
    • 1x - 24VAC Power Brick
    • 1x - Combination Phillips and Flat Blade Screwdriver
    • 1x - Cable Ties
    • 1x - Ethernet Cable
    • 1x - Resource CD
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