Nature Power 40060 72 Watt Mini Solar Farm


Nature Power 40060 72 Watt Mini Solar Farm

Charges 12 Volt Batteries and Provides Backup Power for Use with Cabins, RVs, and More
  • Utilizes renewable energy to charge batteries or accumulate backup or emergency power
  • Provides 72 Watts of power for every hour of sunlight
  • Charge controller can handle up to 120 Watts of solar array
  • High quality amorphous solar panels work in all light conditions, even on overcast days
  • Panels are constructed with heavy-duty aluminum frames for strong weather resistance
  • Hassle-free installation and use



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  • Capable of providing up to 72 Volts or 600 Watts of AC power, this solar panel kit is perfect for keeping a 12 Volt battery charged or harvesting backup or emergency power. A great alternative to noisy gas generators, this solar system is silent, won't cause pollution, and won't cost anything to run. Running strictly off the rays of the sun, this system ensures you will never be without power. Four solar panels and accessories such as sockets, adapter, wires, and an inverter are all included in this kit. Installation is hassle-free and can be completed in three easy steps.

    Each amorphous solar panel is designed to work in all light conditions and even absorb sunlight during cloudy days. The sturdy aluminum frames are constructed to withstand harsh outdoor conditions. Built-in blocking diodes prevent the reverse flow of electricity for the most efficient charge solution. Tilting stands are also built into the solar panels, allowing for the most optimal angle for maximum energy absorption. Use this solar system to provide power for cars, boats, RVs, motorized sports vehicles, deer feeders, water pumps, and any other device powered by a 12 Volt battery. With the AC power inverter, you can even power appliances within the RV, a cabin or cottage, and much more. Environmentally friendly, the Mini Solar Farm ensures you will never be without power, while keeping the air free of fumes and other pollutants.

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  • Specifications
    Manufacturer Nature Power
    Manufacturer Product No. 40060
    UPC 839290004210
    Warranty 5 year, limited
    Maximum Power 400 Watts
    Voltage 12 Volts DC
    Maximum Power Up to 18 Watts
    Conversion Efficiency 83%
    Input Voltage 10-15 Volts DC
    Frequency 60 Hz
    Output Waveform Modified sine wave
    Dimensions 8.5" x 4.1" x 1.7"
    Weight 1.9lbs
    Solar Panel
    Type Amorphous
    Maximum Power Each panel: 18 Watts
    Total: 72 Watts
    Maximum Current Each panel: 1.2 Amps
    Total: 4.8 Amps
    Dimensions (each panel) 36" x 12" x 0.5"
    Weight (each panel) 7.7lbs
    Charge Controller
    Maximum Solar Panel Wattage 120 Watts
    Maximum Solar Panel Current 8 Amps
    Voltage 12 Volts
    Cut-Out Voltage 14.2 Volts
    Cut-In Voltage 13 Volts
    Dimensions 3.6" x 2.75" x 1"
    Weight 0.15lbs
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    • 4x - 18 Watt solar panels with tilt mounting poles
    • 1x - 10 Amp charge controller
    • 1x - 400 Watt inverter
    • 1x - 4 in 1 connector
    • 1x - 12VDC female power socket
    • 1x - 12VDC male power port connector
    • 1x - Bare wire connector
    • 1x - Battery clamp adapter
    • 1x - Battery clamp and 12VDC female power socket connector

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