Soft Glow LED Bed Light with Packaging

Videos 2244030171 Soft Glow LED Bed Light

Stylish, DIY Soft Glow Lighting
  • Timer controlled, motion activated lighting
  • Soft-glow automatic lighting to safely see your surroundings
  • Energy-efficient LED strip lighting
  • Easy to install and requires no tools
  • Can be placed in a variety of locations


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  • Getting up for a late-night glass of water or checking on your child in the middle of the night shouldn't be a hassle. The LED Bed Light offers a stylish, highly functional touch to any space. The flexible LED strip lights are ideal for mounting on the underside of a bed but can be mounted pretty much anywhere for soft, unobtrusive illumination. When placed under the bed, for example, the motion sensor will trigger when your feet hit the floor, discreetly lighting your way so you don't trip over items that might be lying-in-wait while you walk. The timer can be adjusted from 30 seconds to ten minutes. These versatile soft glow LED lights make great nightlights for children, and can be placed underneath cribs so you can easily monitor your child without disturbance.

    Consisting of two (2) 5-foot LED strips and one motion activated sensor, the Soft Glow LED Bed Light provides a soft, warm light at night when the motion sensor detects movement. The timer controlled, motion activated sensor replaces the need for switches and responds to your needs, lighting only at night when you need it. plugs into a standard household 110V outlet and uses energy efficient LED lighting that consumes 80% less power than traditional incandescent lighting.
  • Specifications
    Manufacturer Product No.2244030171
    Output190 lumens per strip
    Energy consumption7.5 Watt energy consumption per LED set
    Input110VAC; 50-60Hz; Output 12VDC
    Dimensions2 LED strips, each 60"L X 0.5" W x 0.25" H
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    Bed Light underbed motion light Review by mffngrl
    Bed Light underbed motion light

    I got one for my mom for Christmas last year and she loves it. No more feeling for the light in the dark each time she gets up in the middle of the night. Every bed should come equipped with these lights, especially elderly people's beds. My mom just ordered 4 more of these for friends for Christmas this year.

    Posted on 12/15/2015

    Good, but a potential problem Review by David
    Good, but a potential problem

    Overall I like the way this works but now the strip emits a soft glow when no motion is detected. I don't recall it doing that when I first installed it. The lights are bright and for my large bed (California King) I had to use half of one of the two strips otherwise it was too bright. The adhesive on the back of the lights did not stay stuck to my wood frame so I used nylon ties to hold them in place. The motion sensor detects motion most of the time and the light stays on for about 60 seconds and then goes back to it's soft glow. I do like walking into the room and having the soft light underneath the bed and the glow when it is supposed to be off is not too distracting when I'm trying to sleep but I would prefer not to have it. The placement of the sensor means it does not detect when someone gets out of bed on the side farthest away from the door to the bedroom but it's an acceptable trade off to have it work best when someone walks in the room or my partner gets out of bed.

    Posted on 1/31/2015

    Bed Light Review by Victor
    Bed Light

    We are very happy with the Bed Light kit. Easy to install and it works great. My only comment is that the daylight sensor needs to be adjustable. The lights come on even during the day. It might be a winter, low-light thing or a latitude thing, but I would like to have a control for this. Still a very good product.

    Posted on 1/12/2015

    Motion Sensor Review by Not-A-Buyer-Yet
    Motion Sensor

    There is only one motion sensor. For larger beds there should be two, one for each side. (for happily married couples)

    Posted on 11/15/2014

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  • 1x - Power adapter
    1x - Motion sensor
    2x - LED flex strip
    2x - Cable holders
    1x - End caps

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