Myfox BU2002 IntelliTag Wireless Door & Window Smart Sensor for Myfox Smart Home Alarm


Myfox BU2002 IntelliTag Wireless Door & Window Smart Sensor for Myfox Smart Home Alarm

Smart Sensor that detects a break-in BEFORE it happens
  • Vibration analysis identifies potential threats from normal events
  • Indoor use for any type of door or window (sliding, swinging, garage, roof …)
  • Secure wireless communication with more than 330 feet range in open air
  • Tamper protected, to ensure it is always functional
  • Battery level monitoring with low level notification in the smartphone app


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  • Myfox Home Alarm IntelliTAG™ is based on 10 years of research and development and actual usage learnings. It is able to tell the difference between a normal event (wind, ball bouncing, …), and a potential threat (drill, crowbar, hammer, ….). Thanks to the algorithm that analyses the internal sensors and recognize such patterns, Myfox has been able to make any opening safe before it opens, while making sure that no false alarm occurs. It can be used for any kind of opening, and is linked to Myfox Home Alarm (sold separately) through a secure wireless connection that has a maximum range of 330 feet (100 meters).

    A Unique Smart Sensor that Detects a Break-In Before it Occurs

    Part of Myfox Home Alarm, the IntelliTAG is at the core of Myfox revolutionary technology. Unlike traditional alarms, Myfox puts deterrence at the forefront, leading the way for the next generation of security solutions. With its award-winning IntelliTAG™ technology, Myfox offers the only smart home security system that prevents break-ins BEFORE they happen.

        •  Place the IntelliTAG on any opening and it will analyze vibrations
        •  It recognizes a normal event such as a ball bouncing or someone knocking on the door without setting
        •  off a false alarm
        •  It identifies an intrusion attempt such as drilling, prying with a crowbar...
        •  In such case, it sends a signal to the siren that triggers a powerful 110db alarm


    Myfox Home Alarm, Proactive Security System

    Myfox Home Alarm is the only smart home security system that prevents break-ins by detecting intrusions BEFORE they happen, thanks to door and window vibration analysis that can tell the difference between normal events and a break-in attempt. Providing a seamless and intuitive experience that takes less than 15 minutes to install, notifies you who is at home so you can be sure your loved ones are safe and auto disarms so your babysitter doesn’t have to type in codes on the wall. Myfox community allows you to invite a trusted social network of friends and family to watch over your home when you’re away.


    No more false alarms or forgetting the code

    Your Wireless Keyfob (sold separately) automatically disarms the system when you step in your house.


    See who’s at home and keep track of who’s coming and going

    Thanks to individual user Wireless Keyfobs (sold separately), you can be notified when your children are safe at home or the babysitter arrives. Via the mobile App, see who‘s at home and safe.


    Rely on your trusted community to watch after your home when you are away

    With Myfox Community, you can invite your friends and family to join your network and receive intrusion notifications and temporary access to events timeline and camera viewing. As the owner, you decide when to give access, and when to take it back.


    Myfox Security Camera: Complete your Home Security System and protect your privacy

    The Myfox Security Camera (sold separately) is the only camera that guarantees your Privacy. Thanks to a mechanical shutter that you can manage from your mobile app, you can chose when to be seen, and when you want to be sure you're alone. With HD image quality, it provides a way for you to watch over your home and family and with 2 way audio you can welcome your kids back home and remind them to clean their room.


    How it works with nest

    Nest Protect detects Smoke or Co
    > Myfox Home Alarm smartphone notification and flashes light on the Siren

    Myfox Home Alarm armed
    > Thermostat set as Away

    Myfox Home Alarm disarmed
    > Thermostat set as Home


    2015 International CES Innovation Awards Honoree for the new Myfox Security System

    Myfox was recognized as a 2015 CES Innovation Awards Honoree for the Myfox Security System. CES Innovation Honorees reflect innovative design and engineering in some of the most cutting edge tech products and services coming to market.


    About Myfox

    Since 2005, Myfox has been redefining home security. Inventors of the first connected home security system in 2009, Myfox patented IntelliTAG™ anti-intrusion sensors, encourage proactive deterrence by preventing break-ins before they happen. Myfox Home Alarm has received a Smart Home Innovation Award at CES 2015, an IF Design Award and a Red Dot Design Award.
  •  Specifications

     Brand  Myfox
     Manufacturer Part Number  BU2002
     UPC Code  851996006022
     Wireless Operating Distance  Up to 328 feet from Link
     Power Requirement (Battery Type)  1x - AAA
     Battery Life (Approximate)  1 year
     Tamper Proof  Yes
     Indoor Rated  Yes, indoor IP54 rating, fits to any type of door or window
     Dimensions  2.4’’ x 1.1’’
     Weight  1.0 oz.
     Operating Temperature  32° F - 113° F


     Automatic User Recognition  Yes
     Mounting  Uses peel and stick adhesive back to adhere on all openings or objects
     App  Free application for iOS 7 and above, Android 4.0 and above


     Requirements  Myfox Smart Home Alarm


     Manufacturer Warranty  2 Years
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    I'm probably going Review by Martin
    I'm probably going

    I'm probably going to end up buiyng this alarm package but you really need to do some research on sound decibel ratings. To anyone that knows anything about sound, they will laugh at a 160 db siren rating. I engineer 80,000 watt concert systems that peak at 143-145db. 150db is a jet engine at take off. AT the engine, not a 1000 feet away. When you say almost 300db need to do more research. Every time you double the speakers you gain 3db of output. You don't add the ratings together.

    Posted on 10/26/2015

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  • •  Myfox Smart Home Alarm Quick-Start Guide
  • •  1x - IntelliTAG Smart Senso
    •  1x - AAA Battery (Pre-Installed)

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