My Mold Detective MMD102 Mold Air Testing Kit, 2 Room Kit


My Mold Detective MMD102 Mold Air Testing Kit, 2 Room Kit

DIY Testing Kit Keeps You and Your Loved One's Safe from Mold
  • Includes one reusable 15 liter air sampling pump
  • Includes two sample cassettes for surveying mold in two rooms
  • Professionally-reviewed lab results determine mold concentration levels
  • Fast 5 minute test
  • Includes one prepaid envelope
  • Free help line to assist with questions

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    • Mold is an especially sneaky enemy often striking when you least expect it. If you find yourself face-to-face with evil mold spores, a reliable team of lab experts are here to the rescue. With My Mold Detective's Mold Air Testing Kit, you can collect mold samples with the included pump and sampling cassettes. The kit includes a prepaid envelope for mailing in the samples to accredited professionals who will determine if mold concentrations in your home, apartment complex, or school, are at unhealthy levels. This kit also comes with two cassettes for sampling mold in two rooms.

      Mold tends to love moist areas, and once it gets into ceilings, floors, cabinets, and more, it can multiply and become problematic. If left untreated, mold can cause discoloration, bad odors, and even health problems if prolonged exposure. Using a spore trap cassette, also known as “air sampling,” is a widely used and scientifically proven method of testing for mold, accurately identifying and counting mold concentrations in your breathable air. The My Mold Detective’s Mold Detection Kit follows the Indoor Air Quality standard and provides proven scientific results for mold detection. After sending in samples, results are expected within three business days. If your home or business does have mold, professionals at the My Mold Detective Help Line can find an accredited remediation contractor to contact in your local area.
    • Specifications
      ManufacturerMy Mold Detective
      Manufacturer Product No.MMD102
      Pump Liters per Minute15
      Height7.5 in
      Width3.5 in
      Warranty 1 year
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    • 1x - Air sampling pump
      2x - Air sample cassettes
      1x - Tape lift
      1x - Instruction guides
      1x - Prepaid mailing envelope
      1x - Safety instructions and limited warranty

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