MuxLab 500040 VGA Balun II, PC Side

MuxLab 500040 VGA Balun II, PC Side

Transmit VGA Signals over a Long Distance Using Inexpensive Cat 5e/6 Cable
  • Fully supports Cat5E/6 unshielded twisted pair (UTP) cable
  • Allows VGA video to be transmitted up to 350ft (107m) via Cat5E/6 at 800 x 600 resolution
  • Must be used with a VideoEase VGA Balun II, Monitor Side (sold separately)
  • Ideal for long VGA connections to PCs, plasmas, CRT, LCD monitors. DLP projectors or with existing structured cabling system



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  • Need a smart, fast and cost-effective method of connecting VGA monitors and projectors in one room with source equipment in another? It's now easier than ever tosend VGA signals over affordable UTP cat. 5 or cat. 6 cable instead of the more expensive coaxial cable.
    Unshielded twisted pair cable is also more pliable than coaxial cable,and is easier to install in walls, attics and crawlspaces. If you have a home or office network, you may even have existing runs of Cat. 5 already installed as a part of your structured wiring system making these VGA Baluns a true win/win solution. This balun attaches to the the PC side of the connection and must be used with VGA Balun II, Monitor Side, sold separately.

    Ideal for hundreds of applications, VGA baluns can be used in custom home audio-video systems, classroom video instruction, lecture halls, auditoriums, retail kiosks, video information displays, on-line advertising, tradeshows, hotel and convention centers, mobile presentations or anywhere else there may be collaborative viewing.

    Please Note: The VGA Balun II, PC Side is not compatible with MuxLab products 500010, 500010 or 500014. The product also features a 'reset' button that may be required when used in conjunction with certain sync-sensitive displays.

  • Specifications

    Manufacturer: MuxLab, Inc.
    Manufacturer Product No.: 500040
    UPC: 627699000403
    Environment: VGA. VESA VP&D 1.0, VIP ver 2.0.
    Devices: CRT & LCD monitors, plasma screens, PCs, laptops and multimedia projectors
    Transmission: Transparent to the user
    Bandwidth: DC to 60MHz
    Input Signals: Video: 1.1Vp-p
    Horizontal sync: TTL standard 300kHz maximum. bandwidth
    Vertical sync: TTL standard 300kHz maximum bandwidth
    Insertion Loss: Less than 3 dB per pair over the frequency range
    Common Mode Rejection (CMRR): 15kHz -60dB typical
    100kHz to 10MHz -40dB typical
    200MHz -20dB typical
    Return Loss: -15dB max from DC to 60MHz
    Connectors: HD15 Plug, RJ45 Shielded
    Maximum Distance via Cat5E/6 Twisted Pair: VGA: 640x480 pixels (15MHz) 450feett (137m)
    SVGA: 800x600 pixels (30MHz) 350feett (107m)
    XGA: 1024x768 pixels (60MHz) 250feet (76m)
    SXGA: 1280x1024 pixels (100MHz) 200feet (61m)
    WXGA:1366x768 pixels 180feet (55m)
    RJ45 Pin Configuration EIA 568 (A or B)Reverse Polarity Sensitive: Pin 1 (R) Pin 2 (T) Balanced - Red
    Pin 4 (R) Pin 5 (T) Balanced - Green
    Pin 7 (T) Pin 8 (R) Unbalanced - Blue (7 - Signal, 8 - Ground)
    Pin 3 (R) Pin 6 (T) Unbalanced - H & V Sync
    Compatibility: Not compatible with MuxLab products 500010, 500011, 500014, 500035/36, 500140
    Does not support VGA handshaking (DDC) signals.
    Reset Button: May be required when used with sync-sensitive displays
    Grounding Screw: Grounding screw for optional use
    Cable: Cat5E/6 or better unshielded twisted pair (UTP)
    Impedance: Input: RGB 75 ohms (HD15) Unbalanced
    Output: RGB 100 ohms (RJ45 shielded) Balanced
    Horizontal and vertical sync: Balanced
    Temperature: Operating: 0° C to 55° C
    Storage: -20° C to 85° C
    Humidity: up to 95% non-cond.
    Enclosure: ABS fire retardant plastic
    Dimensions: 2.40" x 2.25 x 1.00" (6.10Cm x 5.70cm x 2.54cm); plus 6" (15.2cm) lead
    Weight: 3.87 ounces (110gms)
    Mounting: Free-standing; separate Velcro mounting pad included
    Warranty: Manufacturer lifetime limited

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