MTX Audio ABUS-HUB4x8 4-Source, 8-Zone A-Bus Hub for Whole Home Audio

MTX Audio ABUS-HUB4x8 4-Source, 8-Zone A-Bus Hub for Whole Home Audio

Distribute Audio throughout Your Home Using Inexpensive Cat 5 Cable
  • 4 audio sources input via RCA connection
  • 8 room zoned output via RJ-45 connection for cat 5/5e cable
  • 5 IR emitter outputs (4 routed) enable control of connected source components
  • A-Bus technology ensures reliable communication
  • Expandable to 16 zones


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  • More and more home owners are desiring multi-room audio installations, but these multi-room audio systems have always been complicated, labor-intensive, and inflexible, until now. MTX A-BUS is a completely new technology that provides a simple yet flexible solution for multi-room audio with great sound quality. The MTX ABUS-HUB4X8 Whole Home Audio Hub distributes up to four sources of stereo audio, power and control signals (via IR Emitters - sold separately) out to 8 zones. It provides a cost-effective way to create an 8-zone audio system using only source components and A-BUS controller keypads such as the VC-2 control modules (sold separately).

    One of the biggest advantages of an MTX A-BUS system is that pre-wiring is simple. Only one Category 5/5e cable is needed to be run to each zone, meaning an easy wiring plan can be used to create a flexible multi-zone system. Traditionally, multi-zone installations require that every part of the system was wired directly back to the source, which was messy and consumed valuable space. Structured audio installations provide a simple and practical solution. The one CAT-5 from each zone connects to the distribution hub(s), in this case a 4-Source, 8-Zone A-Bus Hub, in the structured wiring panel. As an 8-source hub, only one CAT-5 or RCA cable is required to run to each component where an MTX A-BUS input socket is located. The wiring and space saved is a considerable advantage over any alternative system.

    MTX also offers a 1-Source, 2-Zone and 1-Source, 4-Zone A-Bus Hubs for Whole Home Audio, each sold separately.

    More About A-Bus
    The ABUS-HUB4X8 Multi-Source Multi-Zone Hub is compatible with any ABUS Volume Control Module; however, some Volume Control Modules do not have the capability to control the ABUS-HUB4X8 Multi-Source Mulit-Zone Hub directly from keypad buttons. We recommend using only Volume Control Modules with IR receivers built in, so that you will be able to control the ABUS-HUB4X8 Multi-Source Multi-Zone Hub by pointing a ABUS IR Remote at the Volume Control Module, which will repeat the IR commands to the ABUS-HUB4X8. ABUS is a very flexible system, it allows for many variations not normally possible in traditional multi-room systems. For instance; it is possible to mix multi-source hubs with single source hubs. There are many reasons you may want to do this, the most common reason is because in open plan houses you may have interconnecting areas which are acoustically the same (family rooms, dining rooms and kitchens). So if you change the source in one area the other rooms can track the same source. Another example is bedrooms with bathrooms. In the master bedroom, the full-function Volume Control Module would normally be used; however, in the bathroom a less-expensive volume control module may be all that is needed. The Multi-Source Multi-Zone Hub has a second output port (the second bank
    requires a separate power supply) in each zone to cater for this requirement. If additional areas are required, the second output port may be connected to a separate 4-room hub to expand that zone.

    Feature Details
    • Audio Inputs - There are four stereo line-level source inputs (2). Each input has individual level adjustments (1) (left and right).
    • ABUS Outputs - Each of the ABUS Outputs provides the power, audio and data signals to feed a Volume Control Module. There are four output zones, each zone may independently select from any of the four sources. Each zone has two outputs bank 'A' and bank 'B'. One power supply is supplied with the hub to power the outputs for one bank. A second power supply can be added to power the second bank or alternatively the second output can be used as an expansion port to feed one or more single source hubs with expansion capability.
    • Data Expansion Ports (In/Out) - Another ABUS-HUB4X8 may be connected to this port if additional zones are desired. Up to four ABUS-HUB4X8 Multi-Source Multi-Zone hubs may be connected together, providing for a maximum of 16 zones.
    • Expansion Ports (Audio) - The RCA Expansion Outputs allow expansion of the audio sources to the main system amplifier or to an additional ABUSHUB4X8 Multi-Source Multi-Zone Hub. The audio levels adjusted at the input will be the same on the output so no level adjustments will be required on the additional hubs).
    • Input Level Adjustments - The Input Level Adjustments should all be set to the centre position to start with. If one source is louder than the other sources, turn both the Left and Right Input Level Adjustments for that source counterclockwise, reducing the input level to match the volume level of the other sources. If one source is lower than the others, turn both the Left and Right Input Level Adjustments for that source clockwise, increasing the input level to match the volume level of the other sources.
    • Trigger Output - The Trigger Output may be used to activate a relay or other device that responds to a steady-state 12 volt trigger signal. This output may be used to power a Power Strip, which may be used to power the source components. When the System Off command is pressed, the 12 Volt Trigger Output will be turned off. Source components that are plugged into a trigger-controlled power strip will be switched off. Care should be taken to ensure that components will not lose their memories (clocks, etc. or presets) after long periods of non-use.
    • Infrared (IR) Emitter Ports - There are 5 emitter ports, 4 are routed ports. The routed outputs will only emit commands from the zone that has selected that source. This will allow more than one source device with the same code set to be used. If this is the case, light-blocking emitter caps should be used to prevent infrared commands from straying into the infrared receivers of adjacent components. The common emitter port will generate all commands from any zone withinfrared capability. Some components have an IR IN socket on the back, it is recommended that this direct connection be used.
    • System Indicator - The green power light indicates when the system is turned on. The system is activated when the hub receives a source-select command from any zone. Once a command has been received by the Hub to activate, a 12 volt signal will be available at the Trigger Output. Other zones may be activated at any time. Individual volume control modules may require activation separately before sound can be heard. Regardless, of which Volume Control Modules are on or off, the 12 volt trigger will remain active until a System Off command is sent to the Hub.
    • IR Remote Control - The ABO-41RC Remote Control is a very flexible device; it has been designed for easy operation and to allow users to tailor the operation for more sophisticated operation. It includes a code library for easy selection of codes, a dedicated ABUS code bank, all buttons can learn commands (including bank buttons) all buttons can learn macros (including the bank buttons). Quite often there are products not listed in the library so it is possible to encode commands into the Remote Control from the ones supplied with the source components. It is also possible to encode multiple commands into one key (macros). For example; you could encode into the SAT bank button commands to turn on your television monitor, the cable box and select the audio input in the ABUS Multi-Source Multi-Zone hub. The operator will then only need to press one button to turn the system on and set it up for normal TV operation. Additional ABO-41RC can be purchased if required.

  • Specifications
    Manufacturer MTX Audio
    Manufacturer Product No. ABUS-HUB4x8
    UPC 715442640423
    Hub Inputs
    • Audio 4 x Stereo (RCA Sockets) 1 Vrms Adjustable (-6dB)
    • Control ABX Control (RJ-45 Socket)
    • Power 2 x 2.5 mm DC Sockets +V Centre (Banks A and B)
    Hub Outputs
    • Audio 4 x Stereo (RCA Sockets ) 1 Vrms
    • Control ABX Control (RJ-45 Socket)
    • ABUS 2 x 4 Zones (RJ-45) (Bank A and B)
    • Trigger 12 VDC 100mA (3.5mm Socket)
    • Infrared 4 x Routed, 1 x Common (3.5 mm Sockets)
    Hub Dimensions 4-1/8" (106mm) H x 9-1/2" (241 mm) W x 1-1/2" (38 mm) D
    Power Supply
    • APS-40 Power Supply (1 Req. for each bank, 1 Supplied
    • Inputs: 120~240 VAC 50/60Hz 96w
    • Outputs: 24 VDC 4A (2.5 mm DC plug)
    Power Supply Dimensions 1.4" (36.4 mm) H x 2.8" (70 mm) W x 6" (151.5 mm) D

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