Mr Beams MB240 Power Outage Lighting System Kit


Mr Beams MB240 Power Outage Lighting System Kit

Make Sure Your Family is not Left in the Dark when the Power Goes Out
  • Power Outage Detector (POD) controls up to 30 wireless LED Mr Beams lights
  • POD has a 70ft transmission range
  • POD activates all wireless Mr Beams lights in event power is lost
  • Ceiling Light is wireless and can be installed anywhere
  • Stair and Path Light provide 40 hours of light on one set of batteries



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  • Never run the risk of being left stuck in the dark if your home is hit with a power outage. With the Mr Beams MB240 Power Outage Lighting System Kit you can give yourself and your family the peace of mind that this will never happen because this kit will instantly light up if power is lost. The kit consists of 3 pieces and can be grown to as many as 30 to suit your lighting needs.

    The first component of the lighting system kit is the Power Outage Detector or POD. The POD is the brain of the kit and is what senses a loss of power in the house and in turn automatically sends out a wireless signal to up to 30 wireless LED Mr Beams lights. The Power Outage Detector is only compatible with Mr Beams' Wireless LED Stair Lights and Wireless LED Ceiling Lights. The POD must be plugged into a wall outlet which is how it is capable of detecting whether or not there has been a power outage in your home. While plugged into the outlet the rechargeable battery in the POD is charged to ensure that it will function properly for hours when called upon and removed from the outlet. The Power Outage Detector also functions as a bright LED flashlight when needed and automatically illuminates with the rest of the kit in the event power is lost. The remote control feature of the POD has a 70ft transmission range and while the kit only comes with 2 wireless LED lights, any combination of up to 30 Wireless LED Stair Lights or Wireless LED Ceiling Lights can be added and controlled with 1 POD.

    The second component of this kit is an MB785 Wireless LED Stair Light. Extra stair lights can be purchased separately should you want to add on to your Power Outage Lighting System Kit at any time. This wireless light is powered by 4 AA batteries (not included) and can provide 40 hours of light on one set of batteries. To ensure that the light always has sufficient power an LED indicator light will alert the user when its batteries need to be replaced. In the event of a power failure the POD will instantly send a wireless signal to this light triggering it to automatically illuminate as long as it is within 70ft of the POD. The LED in this light is 15 lumens and you'll never have to worry about replacing it. Each one of these Wireless LED Stair Lights can be conveniently mounted where ever you desire by using mounting tape (included) or 2 screws (included).

    The third, and final, component of the Power Outage Lighting System Kit is the MB985 Wireless LED Ceiling Lights. This light is also activated by the POD instantly in the event it detects power is lost. As with the MB785, extra Mr Beams ceiling lights can be purchased and added on to the kit should you want to grow your lighting system. The Wireless LED Ceiling Lights are powered by 4 C batteries which will provide it 40 hours of light on one set of batteries. Like the MB785, the ceiling light has an LED indicator that will signal its user when it is time for a new set of batteries. With no wiring required at all the ceiling light can be mounted anywhere in a matter of minutes with its included mounting hardware. The LED in the ceiling light is 80 lumens allowing it to light up a large area when activated by the Power Outage Detector.

    For Best Results
    • It is best to test the Power Outage Detector in multiple locations around your home in order to determine the best location for plug-in of the POD.
    • If removed from the wall socket it is recommended to hold the POD upright to achieve best range.
    • The more walls that are between the POD and a wireless light the more reduce the range of transmission will be. If there are multiple walls between a POD and light it is important to test the wireless signal to ensure the POD will be able to communicate with that light.

      Power Management
    • The Power Outage Lighting System Kit comes equipped with an auto-shut off feature that will turn the lights off after 30 minutes. If you are home and want to prevent the auto-shut off you can easily do so by simply pressing the POD's "on" button at any time.
    • A red LED indicator light will shine to indicate if batteries need to be changed on any of the Mr Beams lights.

  • Kit Specifications
    Manufacturer Wireless Environments
    Manufacturer Product No. MB240
    UPC 837316002400
    Dimensions L 5.3in x W 4.8in x H 5.3in
    Weight 0.8 lbs
    Total Pieces in Kit 3

    Power Outage Detector
    Dimensions H 5in x D 2in
    Power Source Rechargeable NiCad battery
    Setup Plugs into wall outlet
    Compatibility Up to 30 Mr Beams wireless, MB785 and/or MB985, LED lights
    Transmission Range Up to 70 feet
    Functions Remote control for power outage lights and is a fully functional LED flashlight

    Wireless LED Stair Light
    Manufacturer Product No. MB785
    UPC 837316007856
    Dimensions L 4in x W 4in x H 1.5in
    Weight 0.4 lbs
    Power Source 4 AA batteries
    Hours of Light 40, on one set of batteries
    Installation Anywhere within 70ft of POD
    Brightness 15 lumens
    Controlled by Power Outage Detector (POD)
    Low Battery Indicator Yes, red LED will illuminate

    Wireless LED Ceiling Light
    Manufacturer Product No. MB985
    UPC 837316009850
    Dimensions L 4.5in x W 4.5in x H 2.9in
    Weight 0.6 lbs
    Power Source 4 C batteries
    Hours of Light 40, on one set of batteries
    Installation Anywhere within 70ft of POD
    Brightness 80 lumens
    Controlled by Power Outage Detector
    Low Battery Indicator Yes, red LED will illuminate

  • 2 Reviews

    Review of 25150 Review by Paul L
    Review of 25150

    After a recent power outage I found this product and thought I would try it out. The Smarthome description is right on the money. The product works just as described. Very happy with it.

    Posted on 12/9/2011

    Review of 25150 Review by ERIC
    Review of 25150

    Great product! Am very interested in purchasing additional kits to mount around the house. As we found that all our flashlights the past winter storm we had were dead.

    Posted on 12/7/2011

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    • 1x - MB220 Power Outage Detector (POD)
    • 1x - MB785 Stair and Path Light
    • 1x - MB985 Ceiling Light
    • 1x - Rechargeable battery for MB220
    • 1x - Mounting bracket and hardware for MB785 and MB985
    • 1x - Sticky tape for mounting MB785

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