MP 4730 Outdoor Digital HDTV Antenna

MP 4730 Outdoor Digital HDTV Antenna

Use this Antenna to Capture Free Over the Air High-Definition Digital Audio Video Signals
  • Outdoor rated antenna
  • Picks up digital over the air terrestrial broadcast signals
  • Multi-directional base
  • Includes pole and wall mounting kits



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  • This Indoor/Outdoor Digital HDTV Antenna is specially designed for the new digital terrestrial broadcasts. Perfect for new HDTV's as an alternative to or accompanying other HD sources. This antenna will let you take full advantage of the built-in HD tuner in your TV. It receives the new ATSC DTV broadcasts mandated by law over VHF and UHF bandwidths. The antenna features state-of-the-art low noise amplifier technology and circuits for the best reception. It comes in a UV resistant and water-proof housing that is both compact and stylish. Comes with hardware to mount to either walls or existing poles. Perfect for use both indoors or outdoors.

    Question: Will this device allow me to turn my monitor into an HDTV?
    Answer: Not by itself. This is just an antenna. You need a tuner to tune into HD Channels..

    Question: I already have an antenna that I was using with my older TV''s. Do I have to replace it with a new HD Antenna?
    Answer: No. Antennas haven''t changed, only the tuner that tune in the new digital channels. Some retailer may try to imply that you need a new antenna to go with your new HDTV, but they are just relabelling the old antennas as HD ready like they use to relabel headphones as digital ready when CD''s first came out. Fact is, the new ATSC broadcasts are sent of the same frequency spectrum as the old NTSC''s VHF and UHF bands.

    So, if you already have a reliable antenna, it should continue to serve your new tuner or TV.

    Question: Will this antenna perform better than my current antenna?
    Answer: It depends. If you are currently using an amplified ariel roof-top antenna, probably not. But if you''re using passive rabbit ears, there''s a good chance the amplifier in our antennas may help you capture more signals.

    Question: Are your antennas omni-directional or directional?
    Answer: This antenna is highly directional, meaning you will get better reception by pointing them toward the source of the signals.

    Question: Q: Where can I get more information about television stations and reception in my area?
    Answer: A: You can check to see what stations broadcast in your area. Our antennas are all appropriate for Green and lower areas.
  • Specifications
    Manufacturer Monoprice
    Manufacturer Product No. 4730
    UPC 844660047308
    UHF 470-870 MHz
    VHF 47-230 MHz
    Gain 20 +/- 3dB
    Outdoor Rated Yes
    Operating Temperature -20 ° C to 40° C
    Antenna (Only) Dimensions 4 3/16" W x 7 9/16" H x 1 5/8 D
    Base Multi-directional
    Coaxial Cable Length 10 foot

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    • 1x - Antenna unit
    • 1x - Base
    • 1x - Wall mounting packages (plastic pole & screws)
    • 1x - Pole mounting kit (U type screws & butterfly washers)
    • 1x - Coaxial Cable (10 foot)
    • 1x - Power inserter
    • 1x - AC Adapter
    • 1x - Operation Manual

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