Mozayo M42-PRO Pro Series Smart Touch Table with Computer - 42 Inch LCD Screen


Mozayo M42-PRO Pro Series Smart Touch Table with Computer - 42 Inch LCD Screen

Interactive Touchscreen Table is the Perfect Compliment to the Modern Home and Office
  • Arrives as a plug and play upgradeable unit
  • Powered by a premium commercial grade Dell computer
  • IP34 rated 42" LCD HD display
  • Responsive PulseIR touchscreen technology
  • Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB, Ethernet, mic-in and audio-out ports
  • Anti-reflection and anti-glare screen overlay



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  • Touchscreen tables, you've seen them in futuristic television shows and movies and now this technology comes to your home or office. Mozayo introduces the Pro Series Smart Touch Table with Computer featuring a 42 inch LCD touchscreen. The Pro Series Smart Touch Table arrives as a plug and play unit featuring a premium commercial grade Dell computer serving as the Touch Table's brain. The 42" LCD touch screen sits in the middle of the table and has a 1080P high definition picture. Because the Pro Series Table is also designed for everyday use, Mozayo has taken the proper measures to protect the surface of the table by making it water resistant (IP34 Rated) since spills are a part of life. The screen also features anti-reflection and anti-glare glass overlaying to keep it from serving as a fancy mirror. It uses PulseIR touch technology for an extraordinarily responsive touchscreen experience capable of up to 6 simultaneous touch points. The Smart Touch Table supports a multitude of connections such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Ethernet, USB, mic-in and audio-out ports. Knowing how quickly technology changes the Touch Table was designed to be easily upgraded to prevent it from becoming obsolete. The on-board system can be simply switched out for a new unit if desired and the table is compatible with Windows, Apple and Linux systems. The Mozayo Pro Series Table is 52" x 36" x 18" and made in the US.

    The Mozayo Pro Series Smart Touch Table is also available for purchase without a computer allowing the user to supply their own, sold separately.

    Wish that it was available in a larger screen size? It is! This table is also available with a 46 inch screen or a smaller 32 inch screen, each sold separately.

    Tucked away under the table is the brain of the Pro Series Smart Touch Table. The included Dell computer that runs this table features an Intel® i7 Quad Core 2600 processor (3.4GHz, 8M) with 8 GB DDR3 of memory. Its hard drive is 500 GB (6.0 Gb/s), has a 512 MB video card with AMD Radeon® HD graphics and an 8X slimline DVD+/-RW optical drive.

    Computer Connectivity
    While the computer is tucked away in the table to keep it protected it is still easily accessible for connecting an Ethernet cord, using a USB device, or plugging into a mic-in or audio-out port. It is also setup to connect to your network via Wi-Fi and is compatible with Bluetooth.

    Screen Display
    The 42" LCD touchscreen has a high resolution/HD (1080P) screen, perfect for viewing video, text and images. The screen sits at a 178° angle to allow a full view of the monitor whether you're 3D mapping, browsing the web or even playing a game.

    Additional Screen Features
    It is IP34 rated to be water resistant in the event of the occasional surface spills that are bound to happen here and there. To ensure the screen does not act as a mirror it features anti-reflection and anti-glare glass overlaying its LCD screen. Each Mozayo LCD screen is also protected by thermal treated, tempered glass.

    Touchscreen Technology
    PulseIR technology is incorporated into the screen of the monitor to provide the user with a responsive and smooth touch experience. The touch tracking system perfectly operates in any ambient lighting condition, does not require calibration, allows for up to 6 simultaneous touch points and has an on-screen re-sizeable virtual keyboard and note pad.

    Genuine Windows® 7 Professional provides its users with a diverse operating system that is easily compatible with high in demand programs used today. It adds to the dependability, business productivity and entertainment value of the Mozayo Premium Series Smart Touch Table.

    MS Touch Pack provides the Touch Table with games, a 3D interactive world map, photo gallery and a variety of interactive screen savers.

    Android Apps app player allows the Mozayo Smart Table to unlock nearly half a million available Android apps geared to help increase productivity and entertainment. Note: an Android account will be needed as well as Bluestack software downloaded and installed.

    Wireless Keyboard/Laser Trackball
    While the point of the Mozayo Touch Table is to be interactive with its large LCD display, Mozayo realizes there are times when your fingertips will need a break. Because of this they include a small wireless keyboard/mouse combo. The mini multimedia keyboard has a brilliant auto-light sensing backlit LED design with a long range wireless connection and media center shortcut keys.

    Upgrade/Alternate Your PC
    Technology is constantly changing and so are the power and capabilities of available computer hardware. The Mozayo Touch Table alleviates any concerns that could be brought about pertaining to it becoming obsolete because the PC can be easily upgraded by simply switching out the existing for a new unit. The Touch Table is compatible with Windows, Linux and Apple systems.

  • Specifications
    Manufacturer Mozayo
    Manufacturer Product No. M42-PRO
    UPC 799422512009
    Dimensions L 52in x W 36in x H 18in
    Weight 170 lbs
    Table Construction Wood
    Finish Black
    Upgradeable Yes
    Compatibility Windows, Apple and Linux
    Wi-Fi Yes
    Bluetooth Yes
    Ethernet Yes

    LCD Monitor
    Size 42in
    Resolution 1080P
    Angle in Table 178°
    Compatibility Windows, Apple and Linux
    Touchscreen Yes
    Touchscreen Technology PulseIR
    Lighting Condition Any ambient light
    Simultaneous Touch Points Up to 6
    Touchscreen Calibration None
    Water Resistant Yes, IP34 rating
    Anti-Reflection Coating Yes
    Anti-Glare Coating Yes
    LCD Screen Thermal treated and tempered

    Type Premium commercial grade Dell
    Processor Intel i7 Quad Core 2600 (3.4 GHz, 8M)
    Memory 8 GB DDR3 (1333 MHz)
    Hard Drive 500 GB (6.0Gb/s)
    Video Card 512 MB AMD Radeon HD Graphics Card
    Optical Drive 8X Slimline DVD+/-RW
    Connection Ports Ethernet, USB, mic-in and audio-out
    Wi-Fi Yes
    Bluetooth Yes

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    • 1x - Pro Series Touch Table with 42" LCD screen
    • 1x - Premium commercial grade Dell computer
    • 1x - Wireless keyboard/mouse combo
    • 1x - Software pack
    • 1x - Owner's manual

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