Zombonitron 1600 Basic Robot Builder Kit


MOSS 3153565 Zombonitron 1600 Basic Robot Builder Kit

Use Your Imagination to Create Real-World Interactive Robots without the Programming, Wiring, or Hard Labor
  • 16 MOSS blocks and 56 carbon steel spheres for unlimited robot creations
  • Create robots that scoot, drive, walk, crawl, respond, and slither
  • No wiring, no programming, no coding, and no soldering required
  • Control your robotic creation via built-in distance and light infrared sensors
  • Component pieces magnetically transfer data and power using the steel ball


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  • If you were a kid who loved building things from sand castles, Play-Doh®, Legos®, or Lego Technics® and still haven't lost that creative spark and dream to build and play with models, then Modular Robotics' MOSS 3153565 Zombonitron 1600 Basic Robot Builder Kit is what you need. Unlike the normal process of building a robot where you have to physically construct, wire, accessorize, and write complex and time consuming code for operation, the Zombonitron does all that for you so you can just pick up the parts, put them together, and see your creations come to life. This basic robot building kit is great for beginners who wish to learn more about robotic technology, or experts who just want to get back to the basics of what originally got them into building robots. The MOSS is purely made to push your imagination, designing skills, building techniques, and enjoyment with robots by eliminating the need for coding or electronics, bridging the gap between curiosity and creation.

    MOSS brings your creations to life using a bunch of little cubes with round magnetically embedded corners. These cubes are color-coded connecting blocks that serve a unique function in how your robot will operate: the green blocks are the main power source (rechargeable LiPo battery via micro-USB cable), the red blocks are the data output controls, the brown blocks are the data input controls, and the blue blocks are pass-throughs for data. Essentially, these cubes can do almost anything for your robot from powering up, communicating, sensing, moving, controlling, and plus a bunch of other accessories like wheels, braces, and connectors for more ambitious endeavors. But you're probably wondering how do you connect these blocks to make a functioning robot, right? Simple. Since the rounded corners are magnetic, MOSS made little steel ball magnets that fit into these corners which can create multiple connections for a greater variety and more kinetically dynamic robots depending on how many are used: one ball make a ball joint, two balls create a hinged connection, and three or four balls makes a solid connection. These steel ball magnets use a single button contact to transfer power and data, while the ground passes through the steel magnet spheres. There are also many other accessories to you can add to your robot (sold separately) such as wheels, axles, hubs, arms, or anything else to make your robot truly unique.

    After assembling your robot, flip a power switch and watch your creation come to life! Remember, there really is no end to the different kinds of creations your mind can come up with, so go crazy, let your imagination run wild, and build masterfully.

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    Manufacturer MOSS
    Manufacturer Product No. 3153565
    UPC 855165004208
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    • 16x - MOSS Blocks
    • 56x - Carbon Steel Spheres
    • 1x - Rechargeable Extended LiPo battery
    • 1x - Micro-USB Cable
    • 1x - Light Sensor
    • 1x - Distance Sensor
    • 2x - Motors
    • 1x - Hub
    • 1x - Long Flexy
    • 2x - Corners
    • 4x - Arch Braces
    • 1x - Short Brace

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