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  1. Automate your pool and spa with this technologically advanced, versatile and expandable Z-Wave Pool Control system.


    List Price: $702.18

    Your Savings: $292.24

  2. Upgrade your pool or spa to a digital system easily and quickly with this Digital Pool Controller.


    List Price: $361.88

    Your Savings: $181.89

  3. Eliminate bleached hair or bathing suits and dry skin or itchy eyes with this safe and non-toxic low-maintenance Solar Powered Pool Purifier.


    List Price: $299.99

    Your Savings: $40.99

  4. Use this Heavy Duty Outdoor Timer to control pool filter pumps or to turn on and off outdoor decorations, engine block heaters, and other appliances.


    List Price: $90.88

    Your Savings: $35.96

  5. Reliably control 2-way and 3-way diverter valves for pool and spa combinations and water features with this Pool Automation valve actuator.


    List Price: $135.28

    Your Savings: $53.71

  6. Z-wave wireless control communicates with all Z-wave devices to manage all of your home automation systems from one convenient spot.


    List Price: $308.32

    Your Savings: $112.01

  7. Use this Pool Pump Timer to provide coordinated control for pool heater and filter pump operations and extend service life.


    List Price: $270.50

    Your Savings: $142.01

  8. The Plastic Time Switch Case is designed to easily store and protect the Intermatic Pool/Spa timers from the elements.


    List Price: $96.28

    Your Savings: $63.89

  9. Save energy and money with a portable pool timer that regulates the filter pump on pools and spas from Intermatic.


    List Price: $49.04

    Your Savings: $20.64

  10. Install this versatile and expandable all weather Pool And Spa Control Panel to easily and reliably manage and maintain your pools and spas.


    List Price: $221.06

    Your Savings: $87.03

  11. The Intermatic Time Switch Case Enclosure is rust resistant ideal for hot, dry climates.


    List Price: $96.28

    Your Savings: $55.15

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