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  1. This Orbit irrigation hose faucet timer gives you complete timer control. Heavy duty, waterproof construction, flexible scheduling, and easy to use.


    List Price: $41.25

    Your Savings: $16.88

  2. Use this water timer controller compatible Hose Timer Valve Unit to water four independent irrigation zones from your faucet or spigot.


    List Price: $109.99

    Your Savings: $37.03

  3. Create a daily watering program for your lawn or garden with this easy to use, set it and forget it Water Timer.


    List Price: $34.99

    Your Savings: $10.74

  4. Turn your outdoor faucet into a 4-station sprinkler system with this easy to install automatic Sprinkler Controller.


    List Price: $105.35

    Your Savings: $49.37

  5. The Melnor 101 Flowmeter Water Timer is perfect for precise watering, assuring you only use the amount of water you budget for your lawn or garden.


    List Price: $9.99

    Your Savings: $0.02

  6. Monitor your business or home from anywhere in the world even at night with this internet and smartphone compatible Smart Home Security Camera.


    List Price: $89.89

    Your Savings: $27.90

  7. The Orbit Irrigation hose timer for sprinklers conserves water with an easy set timer that waters your garden and shuts off at the right time.


    List Price: $11.99

    Your Savings: $4.17

  8. A single line water timer with 15 pre-set watering programs, the Logica sprinkler controller offers effortless programming that will save you time.
  9. The B-hyve Sprinkler Timer allows you to water smart by helping you make watering decisions based on the ecological needs of your yard, while giving you the freedom to control your watering from anywhere with your smartphone.


    List Price: $100.00

    Your Savings: $1.00

  10. Spend more time enjoying your lawn than working on it! Let Skydrop determine the optimal watering times to keep your lawn looking its best while saving 35% on water use.


    List Price: $299.99

    Your Savings: $99.99

  11. Save time and money while precisely watering plants using the Claber 90764 Basic Drip Irrigation Kit. Easy to install and easy to clean.
  12. Choose this adjustable Water Timer to prevent watering your lawn when falling rain is already doing it for you.


    List Price: $54.99

    Your Savings: $19.24

  13. Use this home automation system compatible Sprinkler Zone Controller to set lawn watering schedules from any web-enabled device.


    List Price: $124.99

    Your Savings: $0.25

  14. Sprinkl’s Conserve product adds advanced conservation settings, scheduling, and basic smart phone controls to an existing irrigation controller.
  15. Protect your Skydrop Wi-Fi Irrigation Controller regardless of installation location. The Skydrop Enclosure protects your controller against harsh weather and dust. The included keyed lock prevents tampering while the included outlet allows easy access for powering your Skydrop controller. And there’s plenty room for both the controller as well as a Skydrop Expansion.


    List Price: $49.99

    Your Savings: $12.51

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