Monster Home Theater Powercenter 5100

Get the Best TV Picture Possible with Clean Power
  • "Dirty" AC power causes poor TV picture quality - maximize your picture with this Monster
  • Filters optimized for maximum noise rejection for clean, balanced power
  • Surge protection and power filtration for 10 AC components, 3 coax connections, and 2 phone connections
  • $500,000 connected equipment warranty



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  • Without clean, balanced power, your home theater system can't deliver peak performance. Monster knows how to clean up dirty power to ensure you get all the TV performance you paid for. In addition, you'll protect your components from destructive power surges with the Monster® Home Theater PowerCenter 5100, a comprehensive power center for your entire home theater system, including 10 AC outlets, three coaxial connections, and a phone connection that doubles as a splitter.

    The Monster® Home Theater PowerCenter 5100's benefits include much more than just surge protection. The patented Monster Clean Power® filter circuitry virtually stops the electromagnetic and radio frequency noise that goes right through typical surge protectors and leaves degraded sound and picture quality. With twin isolation transformers, this power center refines and matches the current from your wall outlet for a perfect balance between the negative and positive current flowing to and from your home theater components. The result is a virtually complete elimination of the hum, buzz, and static caused by powerline oscillations, leaving only audio clarity as well as clearer, sharper images, brilliant colors, and a static-free picture.

    The 10 protected electrical outlets on the Home Theater PowerCenter 5100 are designated for specific home theater uses: audio, digital, video filters, and high power audio (such as amplifiers). By using optimized filters for each application, this power center is able to minimize the types of interference that affect each individual application for ultimate interference rejection.

    Protects More Than Just Power
    The Monster PowerCenter 5100 not only cleans up your AC power, it also protects from surges in your signal sources. Your TV is protected from surges in the cable, satellite, and/or off-air antenna feeds. Your phone system is protected by 1 input and 2 outputs.

    Remote Control Options
    The Monster PowerCenter 3600 allows 2 options for remotely turning it on. You can plug in a "master" component, like your A/V receiver, into an unswitched outlet on the PowerCenter and pluf the receiver's DC control connection into the PowerCenter's DC-IN connection. If your receiver doesn't have a DC control connection, use the remote AC-IN cord to connect it to a switched outlet on the PowerCenter. The PowerCenter will sense when you tell the receiver to rurn on, which will trigger the "power on" routine in the PowerCenter. You have the option of choosing which sets of outlets have power-on time delays.

    T2 technology provides an additional layer of protection from overvoltages: The Monster Home Theater PowerCenter 5100 comes with a $500,000 connected equipment warranty. You can set the system to shut down automatically whenever the line voltage tops 132 volts or drops below 80. Rack mount your Monster Home Theater PowerSource 5100 with the included rack ears.

    The Home Theater PowerCenter 5100 features programmable outlets that can be set as switched, always on, or switched on after a programmable delay. A PowerCenter device is also available without this feature.

  • Specifications

    Monster Product No.: MP HTS 5100 SS MKII
    UPC: 050644424885
    Dimensions: 17.125" W x 14.625" D x 3.875" H (with feet)/3.5" (w/o feet) (434.9mm W x 371.48mm D x 98.43mm/88.9mm)
    Protected Connections: 1-in/2-out phone
    10 outlets: 4 digital filter, 2 video filter, 2 audio filter, 2 high power audio
    3 coax: satellite, cable, antenna
    Surge/Spike Capacity: 3145 joules
    Total Energy Dissipation: 6814 Joules
    Power: 120V AC
    Outlet Options: Switched On, Switched On After Delay (programmable), and Unswitched (Always On) /font>
    Continuous Duty Electrical Rating: 120V/60Hz
    Maximum Current Rating: 15A/1800W
    Protection Modes: Line-Neutral (L-N); Line-Ground (L-G); Neutral-Ground (N-G)
    Clamping Level (TVSS Voltage): 330 Volts
    Clamping Response Time: Less than 1 Nanosecond (<1Ns)
    Remote "AC In" Control: 100V/0.3A
    Remote "DC In" Control: 3 - 30V DC
    Remote "DC Out" Control: 12V DC 100mA
    Connected Equipment Warranty: $500,000

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