Monster Automatic Voltage Stabilizer

Clean Up the AC Power to Your Home Theater for Better Picture & Sound
  • "Dirty" AC power causes poor TV picture quality - maximize your picture with this Monster
  • 64 pounds of pure Monster power
  • Provides consistent 120V output when AC fluctuates anywhere from 80 to 140V
  • Supports 4 switched and 2 unswitched outlets



List Price: $1,699.95

Your Savings: $204.62

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  • Your power utility company couldn't care less about the quality of your TV image - their job is just to make sure everyone has power. So typical "110 volt" AC current can be anywhere from 80 to 140 volts. Turning on an appliance in your home may drop it temporarily; fluctuations in the power grid can push it up. These variances will show up in your TV picture, and can damage your expensize A/V components!

    Get the absolute best quality performance from your home theater components by ensuring stable power delivery. Steady power delivery is far more important than you may think: When your power-hungry appliances, such as washing machines and air conditioners, draw more power than your house was designed to support, it can have a direct effect on your home theater components. Many of these components also require a significant amount of power, leading to voltage sags and, ultimately, inferior home theater performance, including distorted amplification and loss of picture brightness and size. The Monster® Automatic Voltage Stabilizer was designed to stabilize powerline fluctuations and maintain constant voltage to your home theater. Connect up to six A/V components, and they will maintain the stability needed to deliver peak power and performance.

    Engineered for Performance
    Monster engineered the Voltage Stabilizer for years of reliable protection. Its weight of 64 ppunds testifies to the oversized transformers and other components. And careful examination of the chassis will reveal the elegant and robust engineering that went into its design - heavy custom extrusions, rugged steel plates, and oversized, recessed hex-head fasteners. This rugged Monster is built to last!

    Timed Outlets Further Reduce Voltage Spikes
    Four of the 6 outlets on the Monster Automatic Voltage Stabilizer are switched and 2 are un-switched. The components plugged into the switched outlets will only receive power when the Automatic Voltage Stabilizer is turned on. These outlets are also timed, enabling sequential power activation of components plugged into the switched outlets, eliminating unnecessary electrical stresses.

    Three LED Displays Show Volts, Voltage Correction, and Amps
    Large LED displays constantly show voltage (you choose either Inpout or Output), voltage correction (how much correction the Automatic Voltage Stabilizer is applying at a given moment), and amps (the total current being fed into the Stabilizer). These blue LED displays not only help you monitor the state of your power, they also look gorgeous.

    Remote Control Options
    The Monster Automatic Voltage Stabilizer has 2 connections for remote control. One is a 5-30vDC input, allowing the Voltage Stabilizer to be powered up when another device is turned on - your A/V receiver, for example. There's also a 12vDC / 100mA output, for turning on other devices when the Stabilizer is powered up.

  • Specifications

    Monster Product No.: MP-AVS2000SS
    UPC: 050644317033
    Dimensions: 19" W x 16.34" D x 7.76" H (with feet)/6.96" (w/o feet)
    Weight: 63.91 lbs. (28.99kg)
    Protected Connections: 6 outlets (4 switched)
    Power: 120V AC
    Maximum Power Consumption: 3680 watts continuous or 4000 watts peak
    AC Fluctuation Range: Provides consistent 120-volt power when AC fluctuates anywhere from 80 to 140V
    Continuous Duty Electrical Rating: 120V/60Hz
    Maximum Current Rating: 15A/1800W
    Remote "DC In" Control: 3 - 30V DC
    Remote "DC Out" Control: 12V DC 100mA

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