Minotaur Engineering XWVT X10 Water Variable Temperature Sensor/Controller

Submersible Trigger X10 Devices to Turn On and Off Based on Water Temperature
  • Trigger X10 devices based on temperature
  • Designed to be submerged in water up to 5 feet
  • Sensor connects to an X10 Powerflash Interface (sold separately)
  • Set a specific temperature to activate X10 controlled devices


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  • The X10 Variable Temperature Sensor provides a way to sense temperatures and trigger X10 devices based on user settings. It interfaces to a standard X10 Powerflash Interface, sold separately, and supports a temperature range from approximately 25° F - 106° F.

    The sensor is completely self contained and uses a sealed solid state transducer preset at the factory. The sensor should be placed in a location that will protect it from being frozen in ice and from direct sun, as well as no deeper than 5' in water (to accurately reflect the ambient temperature). The control unit (with the temperature adjust potentiometer) must be protected from the elements. Depending on your application, the user selection of leads determines turning on or off devices based on whether the temperature is hotter than the set value or cooler than the set value. The user selects two leads (based on the table included), sets the approximate temperature using a small screwdriver, connects the sensor to the Powerflash terminals, plugs in the wall transformer, and places the sensor in the appropriate location.

    Note: Do not attach both the orange and blue leads st the same time. Observe polarity in connecting to the Powerflash. Incorrect wiring to the Powerflash can destroy the device.

    This product is also available for use out of water: VT1 X10 Variable Temperature Sensor.

    For best results, let the sensor sit in the environment for 1 hour prior to use in order to allow the temperature to stabilize and begin normal operation. The Powerflash module provides terminals for inputs in two configurations according to the setting of the INPUT slide switch. For this sensor, the Powerflash module should be placed in Position "A" (slid to the left). For residential use only.

    1) Turns on all Lamp modules set to the same house code as the Powerflash. Turns on Appliance modules set to the same house and unit code as the Powerflash. After the temperature returns to normal, all modules set to the same house and unit code will be turned off.
    2) Flashes all lamp modules set to the same house code. If temperature returns to normal, all lights remain on.
    3) Turns on Lamp and Appliance modules set to the same house code and unit code as the interface. After the temperature returns to normal it will turn these same modules off.

  • Specifications
    Manufacturer Minotaur Engineering
    Manufacturer Product No. XWVT

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    Review of 71949 Review by Fred Zensan
    Review of 71949

    I am using in a fish pond to notify me of if it is getting too warm. It was a set and forget and works well. Pretty straightforward, no complaints.

    Posted on 6/1/2012

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