Minotaur Engineering TR16 X10 Touchtone Phone Controller

Minotaur Engineering TR16 X10 Touchtone Phone Controller

Control Your Home's X10 Systems from a Phone
  • Remotely turn on heating, cooling, and light switches in your house or vacation home
  • No internet service required
  • Control up to 9 X10 addresses by touch tone
  • Built-in audio remote temperature reporting
  • Reports status of a remote sensor, alarm, or switch
  • Easy plug in installation

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    • Managing your property doesn't have to be stressful while on vacation or at the office. With Minotaur Engineering's TR16 X10 Touchtone Phone Controller you can now remotely control your home's X10 heating, cooling, and lighting systems with a single phone call. The controller conveniently controls up to nine X10 addresses by touchtone without the need for internet service. Want to monitor your home's heating and cooling systems? The TR16 Touchtone Phone Controller features built-in audio remote temperature reporting so you can check-up on your home's temperature while on the go. It can also report back on the status of a remote sensor, alarm, or switch. Plus, the controller controls one built-in low voltage relay, like a door striker or garage door, to give you all-around access control.

      When coupled with an INSTEON 2413S Serial Interface (purchased separately), this device will convert touch‐tones (1‐9) into X10 on and off commands.

      Installation Information
      The setup of the TR16Plus is pretty straightforward. Plug the power supply in to a convenient wall outlet and attach it to the TR16Plus at the marked connection. The TR16Plus uses an AC to AC power supply so there is no polarity on the connection. Plug the INSTEON 2413S (sold separately) in to another convenient wall outlet. INSTEON recommends that the 2413s not be attached through a switched wall outlet or any surge suppressors or filters that would reduce the signal to X10 receiver modules. Plug the RJ45 cable from the TR16Plus in to the 2413s. Now attach the telephone cable from the TR16Plus in to a convenient phone jack. Make sure that you are careful not to swap the telephone connector and 2413s connection because they are similarly shaped and only different in size.
    • Specifications
      ManufacturerMinotaur Engineering
      Manufacturer Product No. TR16
      Relay Closure Voltage3 Amps and 25 volts
      Power SupplyAC to AC
      INSTEON CompatibilityCompatible with INSTEON 2413S
      Front Panel IndicatorsPower – Lit when there is AC power to device
      Phone – Blinks Red when TR16Plus has answered the phone
      Input – Input Alarm or Sensor – Lit when triggered (contacts closed)
      Relay – Low Voltage Relay – Lit when relay is closed, also lit briefly when settings button pressed
      X10 – Lit when transmitting X10 signals to INSTEON 2413S
      Mode Switch – Sets mode, ring count, and manual relay control
    • 9 Reviews

      TR16 Plus Review by Val
      TR16 Plus

      I have had mine a year now and use it regularly. Still works great. No problems.

      Posted on 2/26/2016

      Using daily Review by Steven S.
      Using daily

      Good unit. I use to power my garage doors up and down (we have had burglaries in the area recently where they scan the garage door opener.) This worked perfectly. I was going to mark it down for having too short a power cable but on review, it is a screw connection and I was able to easily extend the wires. Good support from Smarthome and Minotaur on this.

      Posted on 10/17/2015

      Beats my Sensaphone Review by M. Verret
      Beats my Sensaphone

      Worked extremely well. Hard to find on Smarthome's web site. I didn't know they existed. Does more and costs less (even with the 2413S I had to buy with it) than my old Sensaphone 800 unit. Not even close. Would buy again.

      Posted on 9/23/2015

      Beats used Review by Galbriem
      Beats used

      Got tired of "supposedly" new x10 original ones on ebay. Bit the bullet. Works well. Deducted one star due to price.

      Posted on 6/29/2015

      X10 Replace Review by Coronado Cool
      X10 Replace

      I am pleased with my purchase. I can completely control my X10 devices by touchtone anywhere when I travel. The other features are good, but the X10 control was the most valuable to me. I shopped around a bit and in the few places I found them, they were alot more expensive then here.

      Posted on 2/14/2015

      PHC06 Replacement Review by KelliewithanI
      PHC06 Replacement

      Went to replace my PHC06 that I purchased years ago that had given up the ghost. Fortunately Smarthome has a replacement that I could find nowhere else, not Amazon or Ebay. Very very similar to my old unit, I had practically given up finding something that wasn't used (and probably in the same condition as my current one.) Thanks. Smarthome has started selling alot of stuff that is unrelated to Home controls and automation, but if they still keep finding stuff I can't get elsewhere, I will keep coming back.

      Posted on 1/1/2015

      Missed this Review by Zapper
      Missed this

      I quit looking for one of these a few years ago when X10 stopped making them. I stumbled upon this at Smarthome. I still find X10 control more robust over a phone than the internet. I would characterize my use of this like the old commercial "When you absolutely positively need it to work...." Unit arrived from Smarthome in 3 days. I had it working in less than 15 minutes... took me longer to get it out of the packaging....clearly more expensive than the old units but I didn't find ANYTHING sold anywhere else that does this function .

      Posted on 12/13/2014

      Insteon Unit? Review by Kitchen Fly
      Insteon Unit?

      Above review indicated that it must be hooked to an Insteon 2716s, I think they mean 2413s. Worked well out of the box. Hooked up in 15 min.

      Posted on 10/11/2014

      TR16 Review Review by T. Vanderson
      TR16 Review

      I got my TR16 at the CEDIA Expo show. I paid about $250 for it, and purchased the 2716S from Smarthome. Here are some observations.

      I got my unit to replace an aging X10 unit. I have had about 3 of those over time and all of them eventually quit. I think it is heat that kills them but my last one went for 2 years. A land phone line is not as common as they were years ago, but I find having one still to be worth it. My alarm runs off of it and it is there even when my DSL goes out... (which seems to be all the time.) I even reboot my router and network camera from the phone at times. This is the first replacement I have found since X10 went tango uniform. I consider these expensive but this unit does everything my X10 did and quite a bit more. It has some functions I won't use but a few that also replace my Sensaphone unit that was far pricier (although I don't recall exactly what I paid but got it from Smarthome.) This device installs quickly. I don't think the instructions specifically call out that you HAVE to have a Insteon 2716s to send X10 commands, but you do. It will do other things but the X10 stuff is the main reason I got it. There are lots of options for setting it up including number of rings/ or second call if you have an nswering machine. Note that you should set the House Code on the dip switches before
      powering the unit up! Not exactly sure why but once I had it set, then powered it up, it worked fine. It works just like the original X10 units - Call up, put in the pass code, and use the keys to turn things on and off. The unit gives feedback tones after each command. I haven't had the unit long for a durability check but so far it has been perfect on sending the commands. I plan to get another unit for my cabin and Smarthome is the only place I have seen them besides the Expo. I don't have internet at the cabin except for my phone, but it does have a land line. This unit has the ability to hook a sensor to it, control a relay as well as provide the remote temperature. All of these things I can definitely use there (maybe not the relay but I frequently remotely turn on the heat in the winter as well as power up the garage door opener. Being able to check a water sensor or an alarm will also be very handy which is more than my Sensaphone unit does and having two controllers hooked up to the same phone line is problematic. Overall, I give the unit 2 thumbs up and I am glad there is finally a replacement for my old one. The used ones on ebay are over $100 and this will do more than the PHC06 it replaces. I have an internet X10 controller and it was horribly complex and worked only occasionally. It may be my internet connection but I couldn't depend on it. Only drawback on this unit is that the pass code is fixed and not adjustable.Not that big a deal. I have lots of X10 modules and it is good to be able to control them again, especially at our cabin.

      Posted on 9/13/2014

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