Minotaur Engineering SX10 X10/ Insteon Compatible Voice & Sound Controller

Minotaur Engineering SX10 X10/ Insteon Compatible Voice & Sound Controller

Add sounds and voices to your control system
  • Record your own sounds or voices and play them on command
  • Millions of free MP3 files online or make your own
  • Includes jack for plugging in to an amplified sound system
  • Plays list of MP3 files in order and loops continuously
  • Robust interface, no control loss if internet is down



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  • Add sounds and voices to your control system! This device connects to an X-10 2-Pin Appliance Module, X-10 3-Pin Appliance Module or X10 Receptacle or an Insteon Outlet or Insteon Plug In On/Off Module and plays hours of mp3 files in order with an "on" signal and stops with an "off" signal.

  • Specifications
    Manufacturer Minotaur Engineering
    Manufacturer Product No. XS-10
    UPC -
    Dimensions 5" x 5" x 2" [LxWxH]
    Weight 0.3lb
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    Sounds Good Review by Burt
    Sounds Good

    I got this to add sounds to several of my scenes. I can see how it would work for triggers and alarms. I was able to record several MP3s on it. I was concerned about volume but it was plenty loud and it has a jack that I plug in to my IPOD amp. You can select the size of your MP3 to get great quality. I find tons of MP3 files on sound effect web sites. The unit once powered runs a loop of the files on the memory card (in order.) I needed enough time for my scenes to finish and didn't want more sounds so recorded a "silent" mp3 file and put it in as the last file. Now I send an ON command.. let it play as I send other commands, then it plays the silent file as I finish up my commands and then I send an "off" command. I can think of alot of applications... I hadn't considered adding sound to my X10 or Insteon scenes but this integrates well. I do think I will add one more to give me audio announcements when one of my temp sensors is triggered.....

    Posted on 1/26/2017

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    • 1x - Minotaur Engineering SX10 Voice and Sound Controller
    • 1x - Power Supply
    • 1x - Memory Card
    • 1x - Memory Card Adaptor
    • Owner's Manual

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