Minotaur Engineering IRF2 Insteon Compatible Fridge Failure Sensor

Minotaur Engineering IRF2 Fridge Failure Sensor

No More Spoiled Food. Be Alerted of Changes in Fridge Temperature.
  • Dry contact sensor optimized for use with Insteon I/O Linc
  • Will automatically acclimate to the refrigerator temperature (approx.30 minutes)
  • If temperatures reach a critical state of 40° F, it will create contact closure
  • The contact closure causes the sensor to send a signal to I/O Linc
  • I/O Linc can trigger any Insteon Receiver to let you know of the change, or
  • Use the sensor and I/O Linc with an Insteon Hub to receive a text or email when I/O Linc is triggered *Insteon I/O Linc, Receivers and Hub each sold separately


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    • Keeping your food in pristine shape is great for both your wallet and your health, but unruly refrigeration temperatures can often lead to unsanitary storage conditions. Minotaur Engineering's IRF2 Precision Refrigerator Failure Sensor allows you to quickly and efficiently monitor temperature changes or the early failure of a residential refrigerator. It was developed to interface with an Insteon I/O Linc to trigger other Insteon devices. An ideal application would have the the sensor connected to an I/O Linc and then remotely monitored from an Insteon Hub (as shown below). The I/O Linc will communicate with the Hub, and when the temperature sensor is triggered, you can receive a text or email to immediately alert you of the change.

      Insteon Communication:
      Insteon I/O Linc sends and receives signals via powerline, it does not have RF capability. For I/O Linc to communicate with a Dual-Band (powerline + RF) Insteon receiver or Insteon Hub (as suggested in the above example), the receiver or Hub must be on the same electrical phase, unless another Dual-Band INSTEON device is already in place on same electrical circuit as the I/O Linc.

      Sensor Sensitivity:
      The IRF2 has built-in technology that uses a weighted moving average of temperatures and a special algorithm to detect when food is above the critical temperature, which is pre-set at 40° F and is not adjustable. This technology prevents false alarms by understanding that bursts of air are created when a refrigerator is opened or closed, or while it is in a cooling or defrost cycle, causing the ambient temperature to fluctuate. As a result, the sensor will not prematurely trigger during those events, and is more effective at detecting when long exposure to increased temperature takes place. The IRF2 is actually measuring temperature around the food, and thus, why the instructions state that it needs to be around food to calibrate where food items are temperature wise. It is recommended not to be buried in food, simply close to food items; with that said, your refrigerator should be set at or below 40° F.

      Installation Information
      There are three leads extending from the sensor, that are to be wired to an I/O Linc (see below). The sensor should be placed in the refrigerator and the wire leads extended out the refrigerator door to the I/O Linc device. The refrigerator door will open and close normally with careful placement of the wires routed through the side or bottom weather-stripping. The sensor should be placed away from the sides, top, and bottom of the refrigerator and surrounded by food.
      1) Connect the Shiny metal sensor wire to the I/O Linc “GND” Terminal (2nd from the left screw terminal.)
      2) Connect the Black wire in to the I/O Linc “Sensor” Terminal (3rd from the left screw terminal.)
      3) Connect the Red in to the I/O Linc “5v” Terminal (1st from the left screw terminal.)
      4) Plug your I/O Linc into an un-switched outlet . (The I/O Linc LED will come on.)
      5) Your sensor should be at room temperature then press and hold the I/O Linc Set button until it beeps (about 3 seconds.)
      6) Plug in your Insteon Receiver in to an un-switched wall outlet.
      7) Now Press and hold the Set button on your Insteon Receiver (the device you wish to control) for at least 3 seconds. (The I/O Linc will beep and its Status LED will return to steady “on” to confirm linking.) The Insteon device will be “triggered” based on being at a higher temperature than the refrigerator will settle at.
      8) Plug devices you wish to control in to your Insteon Receiver unit as required and place your sensor in to the refrigerator to be protected.
      9) Within about 30 minutes, your sensor will reach the correct temperature and the Insteon device will stop triggering.

      NOTE: Observe polarity in connecting to the I/O Linc. Incorrect wiring to the I/O Linc can destroy the device. If the I/O Linc and/ or Insteon Receiver have been used previously, they need to be set back to their factory settings prior to use.
    • Specifications
      Manufacturer Minotaur Engineering
      Manufacturer Product No. IRF2
      Compatibility I/O Linc device
      Transducer Solid state
    • 10 Reviews

      Fridge Sensor Review by Fosie
      Fridge Sensor

      Unit works well, easy to set up. We have this in a basement fridge, but the alarm/ light we have on the main floor. Insteon Range is good.

      Posted on 7/6/2015

      Insteon Refrigerator Sensor Review by Trinker
      Insteon Refrigerator Sensor

      No time to set up and signals a light in the house. Works just as planned.

      Posted on 3/25/2015

      Mother in Law Quarter's Fridge Review by Nick G.
      Mother in Law Quarter's Fridge

      My mother in law (God Bless Her) forgets the refrigerator door and leaves it open constantly. The food goes bad but we don't know it and she makes herself sick if we don't catch it. This device took care of it. We have a little night light in the other room with an Insteon module. When we see the light on.. we know to go in and check. Works very well. We will set up with our garage fridge on the same light. If we see it on, we know to go check.

      Posted on 3/17/2015

      Not exactly Review by Zinio
      Not exactly

      Great product, but it is not a dry contact closure. It uses a semiconductor to trigger the Insteon I/O Linc. Works well. Would like the wire a bit longer.

      Posted on 1/30/2015

      Commercial Fridge Review by Kelly
      Commercial Fridge

      We used this at work for our walk-in fridge with the a light in the Manager's office. Works well. No false triggering so far but does recognize when the blower fan quits or if the door is left open by the meat delivery guys.

      Posted on 1/24/2015

      Really needed Review by LisaCool
      Really needed

      Husband installed over the Holiday. I have lost my last food because the kids left the door open while getting snacks!

      Posted on 1/1/2015

      Switching to Insteon.... Review by Jimmy
      Switching to Insteon....

      I have had the X10 sensor like this before but am switching to Insteon. I like the wired Insteon sensors MUCH better than the wireless. This unit works very well, virtually identical to the X10 unit, and in the same packaging, but no external transformer..... freed up a 110v socket for me. Good performance and I am pleased.

      Posted on 12/20/2014

      Easy Review by Fred

      Goes together just like the tech at Smarthome said and initial tests look good.

      Posted on 11/22/2014

      Basement Fridge Review by Fiero
      Basement Fridge

      Works well. (Good thing because we rarely go downstairs.) It did alert me when it ran low on freon so I am pleased.

      Posted on 11/16/2014

      Insteon Refrigerator Failure Sensor Review by ZAMBONI
      Insteon Refrigerator Failure Sensor

      Got it for a fridge that sits in our garage and has a way of getting the door left open or the breaker pops on the patio and it is on that same circuit. Works very well. No issues to date. I am pretty sure it has paid for itself in addition to saving alot of food hassle if it went bad in the Texas heat.....

      Posted on 10/24/2014

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