Mini Gadgets CDRF Wireless Audio Bug Detector

Mini Gadgets CDRF Wireless Audio Bug Detector

Detects Wireless Signals Being Transmitted Within a Certain Frequency Range
  • Radio frequency receiving device
  • Built-in sensitivity adjustment
  • Silent vibrate mode allows you to operate in complete secrecy
  • Earphone jack
  • Secure your home, office, hotel room or any other public place



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  • The Mini Gadgets CDRF Wireless Audio Bug Detector is simply a radio frequency receiving device. It is designed to detect wireless signals that are being transmitted within a certain frequency range. For example a wireless hidden camera is designed to transmit video to a video receiver. Some wireless transmitters are designed to transmit as far as 3 miles away while others can only be received one room away. So the stronger the signal being transmitted the easier it is for the bug detector to detect it. Some micro spy cams are designed to output a very low signal making them very hard to detect. You may need to be very close to the camera or bug to detect it. They are designed this way not to be easily detected. The problem is if the detector is too sensitive it gives a false alarm. If it is not sensitive enough it does not detect the signal well enough. This is what separates this bug detector from some of the others you see. It has a built in sensitivity adjustment allowing you to detect those not so easy to detect wireless bug transmitters. While some spy cameras are very difficult to detect, you can sweep the suspect area with this unit and then gradually increase the sensitivity until you eventually home in on the target. It has a silent vibrate mode as well so you can use it without it sounding an audible alarm so you can operate in complete secrecy. It also has an earphone jack so if you choose you can use the included earphones while making your sweep.

    Use this device to secure your Home, Office, Hotel Room, or any other public place you demand privacy. Locate hjidden cameras and audio bugs. Use it to find WiFi hot spots. Use it to identify LIVE cell phones that may be transmitting private conversations. Use it to see wireless signals that are otherwise invisible!

    Additional Features
    • Detecting as follows: Frequency 0MHz ~6.0GHz
    • Monitor (1MHz--470MHz) Alert mode 1 4 indicator lights and "DiDi" voice
    • Telephone monitor (50MHz--460MHz) Alert mode 2 Vibration + 4 indicator lights
    • Mobile phone monitor(500MHz--2500MHz) No-voice, 4indicator lights and earphone Alert mod 3
    • Digital monitor (900MHz--1900MHz) detecting alert voice.
    • Car monitor (500MHz--1900MHz) Can play down or adjust high detecting Button
    • Car tracker (900MHz--1900MHz) sensitivity (You can locate pinhole camera adjusting
    • Pinhole camera (700MHz--5800MHz) as long as the detecting range is dwindled sensitivity
    • Encrypted camera (2400MHz--5800MHz) and sensitivity is played down).
    • Gambling fraudulent practices' device No-voice vibration induction. As long as(130MHz--1900MHz)
    • Wiring radiated source induction let it detect secretly in any special(4000MHz--6000MHz) location.

    • Frequency: 0 - 6 GHz
    • Lower Frequency: 0 ~ 120 MHz
    • Higher Frequency: 149 MHz ~ 400 MHz
    • GSM: 900 MHz ~ 1900 MHz
    • Detectable Image Frequency: 200 MHz ~ 2400 MHz
    • Microwave Frequency: 2400 MHz ~ 6 GHz
    • Working Voltage: 3V (AAA x 2)
    • Working Current: Caution 8mA
    • Vibration: 70mA
    • Sensitivity: Max 10 meters Depends on output of Transmitter Detected
    • Color: Bright Silver
    • Dimensions: 56 x 90 x 17 mm
    • Weight: 50g Gross
    • Weight 100g
    • Power Consumption: 2 AAA batteries, Up to 4 hours continuous use
    • Mfgr Warranty: Lifetime warranty and tech support

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    Review of 96427 Review by SERGIO
    Review of 96427

    easy to use. quite sensible to most frequencies. great help even in locating hidden wirings.

    Posted on 11/4/2012

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    • Silver RF detection Device
    • A Set of Earbuds
    • Instruction Booklet

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