Mineral Pure RC-50 Residential Pool Dechlorination System, 50,000 Gallon


Mineral Pure RC-50 Residential Pool Dechlorination System, 50,000 Gallon

Reduces Pool Chlorine Levels For Crystal Clear Looking and Natural Feeling Water
  • Cleans and filters up to 50,000 U.S. gallons of water
  • Safe, natural copper and silver minerals clean and disinfect your swimming pool water
  • Controls limescale buildup in pipes, pool equipment, and pool walls, and algae and bacteria growth
  • No more red eyes, dry brittle hair, dry itchy skin, faded swim wear and heavy chlorine odor
  • Reduces over 90% chlorine use in residential pool, and as much as 75% in commercial pools


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  • Purify up to 50,000 gallons of water in your pool and spa just the way Mother Nature intended with the Mineral Pure Premium RC-50 Residential Pool Ionization System; also available for 1,000 Gallon, 20,000 Gallon, and 40,000 Gallon pools and spas. The RC-50 uses a copper and silver mineral ionization process that cleans up to 50,000 gallons of water and transforms your cloudy and murky swimming pool water into crystal clear, mineral spring-like water. It will save you time and money on expensive chlorine purchases and pool maintenance. Not only does the RC-50 breakdown and eliminate existing algae and harmful bacteria, but it also prevents new algae and bacteria growth along with removing and preventing lime scale buildups in pipes, pool equipment and pool walls.

    The RC-50's copper and silver electrodes only need to be replaced every 1 to 5 years depending on the pool size, weather, water temperature, and water balance, making it almost maintenance-free, environmentally friendly, and much more water efficient than traditional pool water maintenance practices. The large LCD display makes for easier monitoring and inspection of the electrodes and other system operations.

    The RC-50 is perfectly safe as the copper and silver ion minerals cleaning the water are beneficial for the body whereas chlorine is toxic and harmful when present in high enough levels. You will see and feel a noticeable difference in your pool water as complaints of dry red eyes, dry brittle hair, dry itchy skin, faded swim wear and heavy chlorine odor from you and your guests disappear.

    With the RC-50 ionization system you can be at ease that your swimming pool water is presentable and inviting anytime of the year.
  • General Specifications
    Manufacturer Mineral Pure
    Manufacturer Product No. RC-50
    UPC 854219004201
    Water Specifications
    Pool Size Up to 50,000 U.S. gallons
    Ionization Method Electrolysis of copper or copper/silver alloy electrodes
    Electrode Chamber 2" black tee with bushings for 2" or 1 1/2" PVC pipe
    Electrode One set 3° long, comprised of copper (CLE-11) or optionally available copper/silver alloy (CLE-42 or CLE-44)
    Head Loss Flow Rate is 25 gpm and 50 gpm. Total Head Loss (psi) is 0.06 psi and 0.21 psi
    Hydrostatic Pressure Maximum Recommended Pressure: 50 PSI
    Ion Production With the output set to: 300mA this ionizer produces 215mg of copper ions per hour.

    With the output set to: 600mA this ionizer produces 430mg of copper ions per hour

    The measurements were made with the following conditions:Electrode Used: CLE-11,pH: 7.45,Total Alkalinity: 85 mg/L,Water Temperature: 72.7°F,TDS: 347 mg/L,Total Chlorine: 0,Hardness: 215 mg/L,
    Electrical Specifications
    Input Voltage 90 to 264 VAC, at 47 to 63 HZ, auto switching
    Input Current 300 mA rms at 120 VAC

    150 mA rms at 240 VAC
    Input Power Up to 20 Watts
    Output Voltage 60VDC to 20VDC, Auto Ranging
    Output Current Adjustable in 5 mA increments from 0 TO 600mA DC
    Circuit Protection Internal fuse and input surge protection to IEC 61000-4-5, level 3
    1 ea 2A Slo Acting, Cartridge Style, 250VAC, 5x20mm

    1 ea 4A Slo Acting, Cartridge Style, 250VAC, 5x20mm
    Mechanical Specifications
    Enclosure Weather resistant NEMA 4 rated high impact corrosion resistant thermoplastic with hinged polycarbonate cover, includes mounting brackets
    Enclosure Dimensions 8.44° x 8.44° x 4.88°
    Carton Dimensions 22 1/4" x 11 1/4" x 6 5/16"
    Shipping Weight 12 lbs
    Other Specifications
    Certifications UL Listed File Number E354947, NSF tested to NSF/ANSI Standard 50-2011
    Operating Temperature Range 32 to 110 degrees Fahrenheit
    Manufacturer Warranty 5 years, parts and labor-excluding electrodes

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    • 1x - Control Unit
    • 1x - Copper Test Kit CLA-41
    • 1x - Electrode CLE-11
    • 1x - O-Ring CET-0648
    • 1x - Flow-Cell Chamber CET-0647
    • 1x - ScaleBlaster Signal Wire (60 ft.)
    • 1x - RC-50 Quick Chart Card
    • 1x - Warranty Card
    • 1x - User's Manual
    • 2x - Threaded Male Adapters CET-0008
    • 2x - 2"-1 12/" Reducers CET-0607
    • 3x - 12" Zip Ties
    • 4x - Control Unit Mounting Brackets
    • 4x - Mounting Bracket Screws

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