Millennium Lock, Inc. Ul-3000AB Residential Ultimate Lock 3000 - Polished Brass

Millennium Lock, Inc. Ul-3000AB Residential Ultimate Lock 3000 - Polished Brass

Withstanding over 4,000 Pounds of Pressure Makes This Stronger Than Any Deadbolt
  • Works with right and left hand swing doors.
  • Secondary on command locking pin renders working key useless.
  • Mounts to interior doors and fits repair, remodel, or original construction.
  • Paintable Cover.
  • Help prevents assaults, protects occupants and personal property.
  • Integration with door frame and jamb helps prevents breakage.
  • Includes patented technology to prevent bumping and lock picking.
  • Adaptable to existing alarm systems.
  • Can be installed on interior doors to create a safe room.
  • The commercial series can withstand up to 8,000 lbs. of force (40x



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  • Captain Ron Daniels, owner and creator of the Ultimate Lock witnessed far too many home invasions while patrolling the streets of Houston, Texas. After 10 years of research and development, thousands of engineering hours and a passion to end home invasions the Ultimate Lock was born. Over 10 years of blood, sweat, and tears have gone into creating the strongest deadbolt in the world.

    When a door is forced open it is most commonly due to a weak section of the door frame closest to the deadbolt.

    The Ultimate Lock eliminates this common problem with its specially engineered steel strike plate. It's designed to withstand extraordinary force and is virtually unbreakable.

    One of the major advantages of the Ultimate Lock is that it marries the door jamb and door frame using extra long screws drilled in at opposite directions at 30 degree angles.

    In essence, your door becomes a solid brick wall. A criminal would have to knock your whole wall down in order to kick open the door.

    In instances where your door is being kicked in, these extra long screws will dig deep into the door's frame and increases the amount of force your door can handle in the event of a kick-in.

    Don't worry! You're not going to have to remember to turn an extra knob. The Ultimate Lock utilizes two deadbolts that work in unison; a mortise deadbolt and a rim deadbolt. When coupled together you'll have an unprecedented defense against home invasions.

    The secondary security lock protrudes slightly across the door frame so that you can see from up to 40 feet away that your door is locked. A convenient feature that our customers have benefited from.

    With the push of a button the Ultimate Lock renders any key useless.
    You're always protected, even if your intruder has the real key to your home.

    Most standard locks only offer 4-pin bump protection. With six high security pins, it makes picking the Ultimate Lock virtually impossible.

    The Ultimate Lock has 6-pin tumblers, and three of the six tumbler sets are bump-pin arrangements. That is what makes it so difficult to pick or bump the Ultimate Lock.

    The Ultimate Lock comes with additional extra long screws to be used for your hinges. By using these longer screws in place of your existing hinge screws you will increase the amount of force your door can withstand even more!

    Installing the ULTIMATE LOCK requires no more technical know-how than a standard deadbolt. On average it only takes a certified professional locksmith 30 to 60 minutes from start to finish!

    The Residential Series is easy to install and no more difficult than a standard deadbolt. The commercial lock, on the other hand is a little more complicated and may require professional installation.
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    Review of 5175pb Review by KRose
    Review of 5175pb

    Where I live in Louisiana has been ransacked lately by home invasions. As many as 14 houses were hit by the SAME group of things in one week. A few murders have even occurred in these invasions. Something HAD to be done to my home. I don't have overly luxurious things but I do have some nice things and most importantly I have little children. I got this lock after researching online about increasing my home security. I am glad I got this at the start of the crime spree going on in my town. I haven't been targeted yet but I feel as if it's only a matter of time. This lock fit both my back and front doors. The lock-out feature is more useful than you can imagine especially when the feeling of being secured is at stake. The dual locking ability combined with the strike plate and hinge screws means you really are securing your door.

    Posted on 9/25/2012

    Review of 5175pb Review by Stevie150
    Review of 5175pb

    Great lock. The fact that its practically two locks in one makes it well worth the investment. If you know anything about locks they also included state of the art strike plates and screws to put in your hinges. Great product again I highly recommend.

    Posted on 9/25/2012

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