Middle Atlantic ISOCTR-5R-240-2 240V Rackmount Isolation Transformer & Load Center

Middle Atlantic ISOCTR-5R-240-2 240V Rackmount Isolation Transformer & Load Center

Solve and Prevent Power and Grounding Issues for Critical and Sensitive AV Installations
  • Provides effective AV system isolation from electrical noise
  • Saves labor and material cost by using a higher voltage feeder and integrated circuit breakers
  • Helps prevent impact of voltage induction on ground wire feeder
  • Very high efficiency toroidal transformer - greater than 98%
  • Eighteen receptacles for load distribution



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  • The Middle Atlantic IsoCenter® Rackmount Isolation Transformer System provides protected, same-phase, isolated 120VAC circuits to power your AV systems. Many electrical issues can arise when designing a system, including ground loops and common-mode/differential-mode high frequency noise. These problems can arise from poor or improper wiring techniques and from equipment designed with lesser quality common-mode rejection ratio (CMRR). Equipment problems cannot always be resolved, but the IsoCenter system helps prevent the negative effects of all these problems.

    Operating at efficiencies greater than 98% and performing an automatic shutdown if hazardous input voltage conditions are detected The IsoCenter provides the critical foundation for optimal system performance. A newly derived AV reference ground helps prevent ground loops and provides the lowest possible noise floor for high gain applications. Negligible audible noise & negligible magnetic leakage (less than half that of a standard power brick) means that the IsoCenter can be installed directly inside the equipment rack, where it is most beneficial.

    Master Power 2-Pole Circuit Breaker:
    Switches the main power on and off to the primary side of the isolation transformer provides 20A at 240V of over-current protection.

    Surge Protection:
    100,000Amp 2-stage surge and spike protection with dry contact status notification.

    Load Center Breakers:
    Provides four circuits of 20A over current protection to the designated banks of receptacles on the back of the unit.

    Status Indicators:
    A green LED will illuminate to indicate that proper voltage is being applied to the transformer primary. A red LED will illuminate if the voltage is out of range (High or Low). This monitor LED function will operate when the main circuit breaker is in the "on" position. If the "out of voltage range" is detected a signal will be sent to the output power relay to disconnect the output power. Power on will automatically be re-initiated when the voltage is "in range." A delay circuit is incorporated to allow short, out of voltage range aberrationsto be ignored.

    External Ground / Bonding Bus:
    An external ground bus is located at the rear of the unit in order to provide a termination point for establishing a low impedance single point grounding system (SPG) for the rack enclosure and connected equipment. This bus is a seven (7) position grounding terminal strip (screw type).

    Includes a Toroidal isolation transformer, with a 98% high efficiency type with a proprietary alloy core, a single 120V secondary winding (all circuits on the same phase) with a Faraday shield.

    The IsoCenter system is housed in a rack mountable steel enclosure with a built in rear rail telescoping support. Overall dimensions: 7" high (4RU), 14.4" deep, 19" wide at the mounting ears and 17.5" wide at the chassis body, enclosure is black powder coat.

    Power In-feed:
    Feeder circuit is pluggable. The unit is fed via a fixed molded "twist-lock" male plug (NEMA configuration L6-30P) and 10° long power cord. A 30 Amp Single Phase feeder circuit is required.

    Power output Receptacles:
    The receptacle branch circuits are made up of eighteen (9 duplex) 20A specification grade gray receptacles, NEMA configuration is 5-20R. The receptacle labels are laser engraved indicating the circuit identification and bank arrangement.

    Remote Branch Circuit Extension:
    Hardwire up to two remote branch circuits directly to unit.

    Maximum Load:
    The maximum load shall not exceed 41.66A @ 120V (5000 Volt-Amperes) continuous. A de-rating factor of 80% may be required under certain conditions of installation and/or NEC Requirements.

    All control circuits and relays are grouped onto two printed circuit boards with terminal strip connections for all wiring points.

  • Specifications
    Manufacturer: Middle Atlantic
    Manufacturer Product No.: ISOCTR-5R-240-2
    Power: 240V Single Phase input
    Surge Protected: 100,000 Amps
    Remote Branch Circuit Protection: Yes
    Racking Height: 7 Inches (4 space)
    Depth: 14.4 Inches
    Rear Mounting Range: 17.8" to 24.8"
    Termination: NEMA L6-30P
    Load Distribution: 18 Receptacles
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