MicroBot Push (2nd Generation) - Wireless Robotic Button Pusher - Platinum White

Control Your Favorite Electronic Devices Using a Smartphone
  • Press buttons and switches remotely and manually
  • Works with rocker switches, protruding push buttons, non-protruding push buttons, toggle switches, tactile buttons, capacitive buttons (smartphones)
  • Built-in timer. Works on touchscreens. Compatible with ios/ android/ Prota os
  • Press and hold buttons for any number of seconds. Set a timer to schedule a push/pull at a specific date and time; Build your connected home with your old products using add-on microbot push

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  • Schedule Pushes, without any hub

    No need to get your smartphone out or to even be present for MicroBot to press, pull or toggle any button you like. Simply set a timer including a specific date, hour and duration of action so that all is done automatically, without the Prota hub.

    Stronger and quieter. Do more.

    The 2nd generation MicroBot’s gears are now stronger and quieter while lasting longer. Its internal structure have been redesigned to fully realize all useful features including touchscreens support and a more stable wireless connectivity. Built-in Timer / Less noise / More solid gears / Works on Touchscreen / Stronger connectivity.

    Easy installation

    A MicroBot can be easily attached anywhere with an enclosed double-sided adhesive tape. A coin-sized Velcro or the similar helps a MicroBot turn on and off a switch.

    Works on many types of buttons

    2nd Generation MicroBot Push works on capacitive buttons (like tablets) with a simple rubber tip. Adapt to each type of button with fixing plates and simply fix with double-sided tape.

    Improved use with Prota S

    With Prota smart hub, trigger your MicroBots from outside your house on your smartphone and connect them to 350+ services & devices (including Amazon Alexa) with IFTTT. Turn your MicroBot Push into a beacon that triggers automation workflows when detecting nearby human presence.

  • General
    Manufacturer MicroBot
    Manufacturer Product No. MiB-PNB2A-01PC
    UPC 190798000105
    Connectivity Bluetooth (BLE)
    Peak travel distance Approx. 10mm
    Torque Max. 1.6kgf
    Product Dimensions 1.1(W) x 2.3(D) x 1.2(H) inches
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    • 1x - MicroBot Push
    • 1x - Rubber tip
    • 1x - Velcro tape
    • 3x - Extra plate
    • 2x - Plate filler
    • 2x - Adhesive tape

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