Melnor 15132 Wi-Fi AquaTimer Valve Unit Only

Melnor 15132 Wi-Fi AquaTimer Valve Unit Only

Controlling an Additonal 4 Zones with a Melnor Wi-Fi AquaTimer
  • Wirelessly irrigate 4 independent zones from your hose faucet/spigot*
  • Works with existing hoses and sprinklers
  • Control from your computer or via an app on your smartphone or tablet*
  • One-touch manual watering at the faucet
  • Battery operated, no professional wiring required**
*   A Control Unit is required to for wireless remote control, and is included with the
    Melnor 15043 Wi-Fi AquaTimer Wireless Smart Water Hose Timer Kit - sold

**  4x AA batteries required - sold separately

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  • The Melnor 15132 Wi-Fi AquaTimer Valve Unit is an add-on device intended for use with a Melnor Wi-Fi AquaTimer Wireless Smart Water Hose Timer Kit (sold separately), which includes a control unit. Without the control unit, this device would simply allow you to manually turn up to 4 different hose connected watering zones on and off with a button for each zone on the device. However, with a control unit in place (again, sold separately), this valve unit offers an additional 4 zones of watering that can be wirelessly controlled and programmed from a smartphone, tablet or PC. See below for additional information about the Kit below.

    Melnor Wi-Fi AquaTimer Wireless Smart Water Hose Timer Kit

    Directly control your yard watering from a tablet, PC, or iOS/Android smartphone, whether you are at home or away. The Wi-Fi AquaTimer includes a remotely controllable valve which connects directly to an outdoor hose faucet/spigot and splits that water feed into 4 watering zones. Each of these zones can be manually turned on or off via a simple push button control on the valve. However, the real magic of this device is that it offers the ability for each one of those zones to be individually controlled via a wireless remote connection from your PC or via an app. The valve wirelessly communicates with the (included) control unit which syncs up with your wireless router, allowing you access to your valve at anytime and anywhere, so long as you have access to the web.

    This product is the ideal solution for those who don't have the ability to run a fixed, underground PVC irrigation system, or those that simply like the ease and flexibility of using an above ground hose watering system. You can help conserve water by remotely programing and scheduling times to have each zone turn on. Whether it is oscillating sprinklers, soaker hoses, pulsating sprinklers or drip irrigation can control it all. If you have more than 4 zones to cover, you an always add an additional Wi-Fi AquaTimer Valve Units (without the control unit). Take it a step further by adding a Rain Delay Module which will stop your valve from activating during periods of precipitation.

  •  Specifications

     Brand  Melnor
     Manufacturer Part Number  15132
     UPC Code  042206151322
     Power Requirements  4x AA batteries (sold separately)
     Manufacutrer Warranty  • 7 Year Limited
  • 2 Reviews

    Update - improving Review by Joseph
    Update - improving

    It's been a couple months since any outages or issues, so they may have updated their servers.
    Seems to be working well. The only thing missing is some sort of notification when a valve unit or control unit goes offline. It would be nice to know if there's a failure and your stuff isn't getting water.

    Posted on 8/30/2018

    Started out great, but... Review by Joseph
    Started out great, but...

    I bought 2 of these units so far. 1 in October 2017, and the other in January of 2018. They both ran relatively well, once I got them set up. But over the past few months there have been issues:

    + in April, their https cert expired, causing everything to stop working for a couple days
    + their servers seem to have issues and go offline at random times, causing everything to stop working
    + last night one of my valves (#4) was OPEN all night. The mobile app said the valve unit was online, but no indication the value #4 was open. It wouldn't respond to commands. I had to pull the batteries out of the value and put them back in. Upon doing that, it functioned normally again.

    I'm becoming a bit disappointed. This device has such amazing potential. It just seems they need to get their bugs worked out.

    Posted on 5/17/2018

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