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May Contest Winner:

Mike Riccio

Congratulations to Lisa Weidknecht for winning the July Smarthome Sweepstakes Contest. Although Lisa and her family have no experience with home automation, a friend had encouraged them to sign up for the sweepstakes. After taking a chance, she has $500 worth of INSTEON products to fill her home and start automating her life. Currently the only bit of technology in their home is a wireless Internet, but she said, "We are considering a combination of indoor and outdoor lights, upstairs and downstairs lights we would like to control, and perhaps an outdoor security camera." Lighting control is the backbone of INSTEON technology and Smarthome has no shortage of devices that will help make their family life more fun, convenient and energy efficient. From basic dimmers and switches, plug-in modules and motion sensors to wire-in/outlet modules, keypads & touch screens and remotes, INSTEON puts home control at the press of a button. When asked what type of INSTEON product she would like to see, Lisa mentioned pool products?we hopeshe takes a look at our recently released SwitchLinc - INSTEON 220V Outdoor On / Off Switch Kit, which will allow you to efficiently control the use of heavy duty appliances, like a pool pump. With INSTEON, Lisa and her family can look forward to an automated future.

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Last Updated: June 30, 2008

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