Lutron TTCL-100H-BL Credenza Dimmable CFL/LED Lamp Dimmer - Black

Dims CFL and LED Lights as Well as Mixed Loads with Incandescent and Halogen Lights Bulbs
  • No wiring required - simply plug in to use
  • Easy to use slider adjusts brightness levels
  • Works with most dimmable CFL/LED bulbs as well as incandescent and halogen bulbs
  • Accepts mixed loads up to 100 Watts



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  • Energy-saving compact fluorescent lamp (CFL) and LED bulbs are quickly becoming standard in most homes. However, standard dimmers may not deliver the most reliable performance with CFL and LED bulbs. Lamps may "drop out" or turn off before the dimmer has reached the lowest setting. Voltage fluctuations within low light levels can also cause dimmers to turn the lamps off. This Credenza lamp dimmer eliminates all the usual issues one might encounter when dimming a CFL or LED bulb. Its integrated HED technology features advanced dimming circuitry that makes it compatible with most high-efficiency light bulbs. With this dimmer unit installed, you'll be able to adjust light levels just as you would with a regular light bulb. For added convenience, traditional incandescent and halogen bulbs also work seamlessly with this dimmer. Lights can be controlled by moving the slider up and down, giving you the most precise control over how bright or dim you'd like the lights to be.

    This product is also available in brown and white, each sold separately.

    About HED TechnologyHED technology features advanced dimming circuitry that is designed for compatibility with most high-efficiency light bulbs. Lutron C L Dimmers with HED technology provide full-range dimming for compact fluorescent lamps (CFL) and LED bulbs as well as halogen and incandescent loads, ensuring today's dimmer is compatible with tomorrow's light source.

  • Specifications
    Manufacturer Lutron
    Manufacturer Product No. TTCL-100H-BL
    UPC 027557003476
    Maximum Load Dimmable CFL bulbs or dimmable LEDs: up to 100W
    Incandescent/halogen bulbs: up to 250W
    Mix of any of the above: up to 100W
    Voltage 120 Volts ~ 60 Hz
    Cord Length 6 feet
  • 2 Reviews

    Review of 6630BK Review by JOHN
    Review of 6630BK

    Just what I was looking for.

    Posted on 8/4/2012

    Review of 6630BK Review by JOEL
    Review of 6630BK

    Well-made and convenient. Good alternative to 3-way bulbs

    Posted on 3/26/2012

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