Lutron PJ-3BRL-GIV-T01 5-Button Pico Wireless Remote, Ivory


Lutron PJ-3BRL-GIV-T01 5-Button Pico Wireless Remote, Ivory

Small Wireless Remote Provides Effortless Control over Your Home's Lighting
  • Ability to wirelessly adjust lighting from up to 30 feet away
  • Utilizes Lutron's exclusive Clear Connect RF Technology
  • Included battery provides 10 years of operation
  • Can be mounted on a wall, tabletop, car visor, or handheld
  • Works with several Lutron solutions including window treatments



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  • You arrive home, tired from a long and exhausting day. You stumble your way to your favorite couch, plop down and power up your television hoping to catch the end of your favorite sitcom. It's too dark though and you would prefer more light in the room however, you're just too relaxed and comfortable to muster up the strength to get up and physically turn on the multiple switches required to give you the amount of light you need. Wouldn't it be convenient if your home's lighting system could be adjusted wirelessly? Every product these days seem to come with a type of wireless remote control to interact with; your home's lighting system is of no exception.

    Lutron's Pico Wireless Remote (model: PJ-3BRL-GIV-T01) integrates into one of the many Lutron lighting and window dressing solutions. The Pico Wireless Remote utilizes Lutron's Clear Connect RF Technology, which operates on a quiet frequency band allowing for a quick and smooth response with signal essentially free of interference. Up to 10 total Lutron Maestro Wireless dimmers and switches can be used with just one Pico Wireless Remote for maximum control of your home's Lutron based lighting system. In addition, the Pico Wireless Remote provides up to 10 year of operation with the included and pre-installed CR2032 battery, up to 30 feet of range, can be wall mounted with a Lutron Pico Wall Mount (sold separate), installed into a car's window visor, placed on to a tabletop with a Lutron Pedestal (sold separate), and adding a new or additional point of control can be done easily without the need for new wires. With so many features, Lutron's versatile Pico Wireless Remote makes for a perfect addition to your home's Lutron based lighting system. It's convenient, provides additional security, and is a great feature for the modern home.

    Model: PJ-3BRL-GIV-T01 provides five buttons with different functions:

    • The top button brings lights up to their full intensity and the bottom button will dim lights down until they fully turn off. If being used as a wireless remote control for a Lutron window dressing solution, the top button will fully open shades or draperies while the bottom button will fully close the shades or draperies.

    • When used with Lutrong's GRAFIK Eye QS system, the top button activates "Scene 1" while the bottom button turns it off.

    • The two center buttons control how high or low the lights will dim. If used with a window treatment system, they control the partial closing and opening of the drapes or curtains.

    • The round center-button operates preset light intensity levels or curtain and drape positions. If used with the GRAFIK Eye QS wireless system, this button activates scene 16.

    • Note: The 30 foot range of Lutron's Pico Wireless Remote will vary depending on the construction of your home. Wall materials, distances between components, nearby heavy duty electrical equipment, and the overall general architecture of your home will affect wireless range.

  • Specifications
    Manufacturer Lutron
    Manufacturer Product No. PJ-3BRL-GIV-T01
    UPC 027557866361
    Color Ivory
    Operating Range Up to 30 Feet
    Number of Buttons Five
    Battery Type 1x - CR2032
    Supports the Lutron Solutions
    • Maestro Wireless
    • Energi TriPak
    • GRAFIK Eye QS
    • RadioRA 2
    • Homeworks QS
    • Energi Savr Node with Softswitch
    • EcoSystem
    • Quantum
    • Sivoia QS Wireless
    • Serena Cellular Shades
    Mounting Options Wall (with a wall mount), Tabletop (with a pedestal), Car (window visor attachment), or Handheld
    Dimensions 0.31D x 1.30W x 2.6L Inches

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    Review of 66332IV Review by STEVE
    Review of 66332IV

    Very convenient and works great!

    Posted on 12/4/2013

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    • 1x - Lutron PJ-3BRL-GIV-T01 Pico Wireless Remote in Ivory
    • 1x - CR2032 Battery (Pre-installed)

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