Lutron MRF2-3PD-3-WH Maestro Wireless RF Plug-In Lamp Dimmer Module, White

Plug a Lamp Into This Lutron Maestro Wireless Plug-in Dimmer for Reliable Remote Control
  • Controls incandescent/halogen table or floor lamps up to 300W
  • Create a system of up to 10 wireless devices
  • Clear Connect Radio Frequency (RF) Technology provides reliable communication
  • Remote dimming setup available when used with other compatible products
  • Adjustable maximum light level provides energy savings and extended bulb life
  • Can be configured as a switch for non-dimmable loads
  • Six-foot (1.8 m) cord length
  • Requires No Wiring or Tools
  • Maintains stable light levels, despite power line frequency and voltage variations



List Price: $99.00

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  • The Lutron Maestro Wireless 300 Watt Plug-In Lamp Dimmer Module functions much like standard dimmers and have an integral microprocessor, allowing them to be incorporated into Maestro Wireless solutions. The dimmer incorporates advanced features such as fade on / fade off, long fade off, and rapid full on. This dimmer and other devices on the Maestro Wireless systems are incredibly easy to install and operate, allowing you to control lighting levels with any combination of up to 10 dimmers, companion dimmers, switches, companion switches, sensors and wireless controls. Maestro Wireless Plug-in Lamp Dimmer Modules are useful in locations where single plug-in lamps need to be dimmed remotely. It can be controlled by a Radio Powr Savr Ceiling Wireless Occupancy/Vacancy Sensor to automatically turn on and off when someone enters or leaves a room, or via a portable remote with the Maestro Wireless RF Pico Controller, each sold separately. Features a clean, flush, stylish appearance.

    Using Lutron's reliable Clear Connect RF Technology, you'll have reliable wireless communication every time. Wireless lighting control allows you to build custom solutions for any room or space in a home, all with the touch of a button. The Maestro Wireless family of products offers you more value, convenience, flexibility and energy-savings for your money.

    By using the dimming feature of the Maestro Wireless Plug-In Lamp Dimmer Modules, you can save energy and extends bulb life. Maestro Wireless technology features a delayed fade-to-off option that allows you to safely exit a room before the lights turn off completely. Enjoy the convenience of having your favorite light levels pre-programmed. Whether for work or play, dining or entertaining, task or ambiance, the system remembers the light level you want, every time. The Maestro system technology will even recall your settings after a power failure.

    About Maestro Wireless
    Maestro Wireless is a light control system that allows you to create custom solutions for anywhere in your home. It consists of radio frequency (RF) devices that are easily configured to communicate together for wireless control of lights. The system includes dimmers, switches, lamp dimmers, occupancy sensors and Pico wireless controls. Companion dimmers and companion switches are available for multi-location control. Choose the products that meet your needs. Compatible Lutron Maestro Wireless Products:
    Clear Connect RF Technology
    Clear Connect is a proprietary wireless protocol, so interference from other devices is nearly impossible. And because each control is uniquely addressed, the risk of interference from other sensors is eliminated. With Clear Connect, the sensors communicate flawlessly, every time.

    Key Design Features
    • On a single-tap, lights fade UP or DOWN
    • On a double-tap, lights go to full ON
    • When ON, press and hold to engage 20-second fade to OFF
    • Fine-tune light levels by pressing and holding the dimming rocker until the desired light level is reached
    • Control your lighting from outside or inside your home up to 100 feet
    • Recall your favorite light level with the touch of a button
    • LEDs glow softly in the dark for easy dimmer location and show preset light level when product is off
    • 20 second delayed fade-to-off allows you to safely leave the room before the lights go out
    • Full range dimming possible from up to ten locations
    • Multi-location dimming compatible with 3-way wiring for easy installation and retrofit
    • Power failure memory - dimmer remembers your settings even after a power interruption

  • Specifications
    Manufacturer: Lutron
    Manufacturer Product No.: MRF2-3PD-3-WH
    UPC: 027557794541
    Certifications: UL Listed, CSA Certified, FCC Approved, Industry Canada Certified
    Operating Voltage: 120V, 60 Hz
    Minimum Load: 10W
    Maximum Load: Load: 300W
    Load Type: Halogen / Incandescent
    Wireless Capacity:
    • Maestro Wireless controls communicate with the Pico wireless controls and Radio Power Savr sensors through radio frequency (RF).
    • Maestro Wireless local controls must be located within 60 ft (18 m) line of sight or 30 ft (9 m) through walls, of Radio Power Savr sensors
    • Maestro Wireless local controls must be located within 100 ft (30 m) line of sight or 30 ft (9 m) through walls, of a Pico wireless control
    • Maximum wire length between the Electronic Switch and the furthest Companion Switch is 250 ft (76 m)
    • Up to 10 Maestro Wireless controls can be configured to work together
    Environment: 32° F to 104° F (0° C to 40° C), 0%-90% humidity, non-condensing; Indoor use only
    Warranty: Manufacturer 1 Year Limited Warranty
  • 4 Reviews

    Review of 6607wh Review by WILLIAM
    Review of 6607wh

    I own several of these Lutron wireless products and they have all worked absolutely flawlessly for me. Super easy to set up and use. I highly recommend them to other convenience freaks like me.

    Posted on 4/19/2012

    Review of 6607wh Review by GREGORY
    Review of 6607wh

    Works perfectly. My living room lamp is now being dimmed by a Pico controller.

    Posted on 10/17/2011

    Review of 6607wh Review by SHERMAN
    Review of 6607wh

    easy to add to any maestro system. add a few lamps to further decorate with light. easy to set up

    Posted on 8/6/2011

    Review of 6607wh Review by JONATHAN
    Review of 6607wh

    great floor lamp dimmer compatible with the Lutron maestro wireless system. Works perfectly. Pricey, but Lutron is high end commercial grade stuff.

    Posted on 4/3/2011

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