Litter Spinner 3033 Cat Litter Box, Black


Litter Spinner 3033 Cat Litter Box, Black

Sifts and Cleans Your Kitty Litter in Just Seconds
  • Reduces common litter odors, controls dust and cat litter mess
  • Cleans your cat's litter in 20 seconds
  • No batteries, plugs or cords for your safety and your cat's
  • Private comfort for your kitten or cat
  • Attractive appearance - no open mess and fewer odors
  • Easy to clean and more sanitary than a standard litter box
  • Available in White, Tan and Black



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  • Finally, the perfect litter box for you and your cat. Designed and developed by a cat lover. The Litter Spinner Cat Litter Box is a unique and revolutionary litter box that solves pet owner's most annoying cat box problems while providing your treasured pet with a clean, safe, comfortable, and private place. The Litter Spinner is easy to use. Simply fill the bottom of your litter spinner with 2 1/2" - 3" of your favorite clumping cat litter. When you want to clean your new Litter Spinner just spin one turn, your dirty cat litter is now clean. The cat waste is collected into an easy-to-empty drawer. No more scooping, no more costly replacement containers, no more handling of messy cat litter. It really is that easy. Since it only takes seconds you can clean your cat's litter box as often as you desire by simply rotating it. Your beloved cat will have a fresh, clean, ready to use litter box. The Litter Spinner is so simple that you will be amazed how easy cleaning your cat's litter box has become.

    Additional Features
    • No additional or expensive accessories to purchase
    • Uses any clumping cat litter
    • Reduces cat litter on floor caused by digging and bolting
    • Saves time and money - uses less litter/clean in 20 seconds
    • An affordable and smart purchase that will make both you and your cat happy for years to come
    • Made from recycled material and uses less litter so it is better for the environment
    • Durable, strong and long lasting

    The Litter Spinner is by far the best litter box on the market. It is attractive, sanitary, comfortable for your pet and will last. Other automatic cleaning cat litter boxes require that you plug them in and use special trays or litter. They also break easily. When automatic cleaning litter boxes break, you have to rush out and get a replacement which costs as much or more than your last one. If your automatic cleaning cat litter box has to be plugged in, you are limited as to where you can have it in your home. If it runs on batteries, you have to spend money every time the batteries need to be replaced. With the Litter Spinner cat litter box:
    • You use the same clumping cat litter your cat is used to
    • Put your cat's litter box in the best place for you
    • No worries about where to plug it in or if you need batteries
    • Litter Spinner is sturdy and will last many years
    • Easy to clean without buying replacement trays or bins
    • Accommodates most cats and kittens
    The Litter Spinner is built to last!
    Extra design and engineering steps were put in place to insure Litter Spinner is constructed so it is the last cat box you will ever have to buy. It starts with manufacturing in the USA. The manufacturer uses the highest grade Polypropylene and uses recycled materials whenever possible. The Litter Spinner is built with a thicker, heavier wall construction so it maintains sturdiness and effective function for years. The 'tongue-in groove' design where the 2 drum-halves meet, includes a special hand inserted rubber gasket seal to insure no leaks. The nuts we use for drum are brass and are molded-in for an easy to assemble, secure fit. This means you can assemble and disassemble your unit as often as needed. The base construction and wheels use extra heavy material to insure sturdiness, which accommodate the weight of drum, litter and your cat. In addition, to insure Litter Spinner does not move while cat uses, there are 2 sets of 'divots' molded into bottom of the drum, which align with the wheels. These 'divots' position the drum to be secure while the drawer is in the 3 O'clock position, but still allows the unit to spin when needed.
  • Specifications
    Manufacturer Litter Spinner
    Manufacturer Product No. 3033
    UPC 857665003033
    Litter Box Opening 7 1/4" wide
    Maximum Cat Weight (Approx.) 16 pounds
    Construction Polypropylene
    Dimensions 18" wide - 20" high - 14.5" deep
    Weight 9.5 pounds
    Maximum Litter Volume (Approx.) Ten pounds of clay litter or 8 pounds of natural litter (can be used with all clumping small and medium grain litters)
    Use Spin and empty once per day, per cat for best performance
    Manufacturer Warranty 3-Year

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    Review of 33950bk Review by SCJ525
    Review of 33950bk

    I love my Litter Spinner. It makes cleaning after my kitties so simple. I dreaded scooping around in my old litter tray, but now I clean my litter spinner once or twice a day since it literally only takes a few seconds. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone with a cat. I wish I could train my dog to use it, too!

    Posted on 4/1/2013

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