Linear XR-4 Extended Range 4-Channel Supervised RF Receiver

Linear XR-4 Extended Range 4-Channel Supervised RF Receiver

Monitor Sensors Miles Away From Your Home or Office
  • Up to 10 miles of line-of-sight range
  • Weather-resistant case
  • Transmitter accepts N/O or N/C inputs
  • Fully supervised (loop status, low battery, link integrity)



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  • You don't need to be on the premises in order to monitor the status of the sensors around your home or office. When any of (up to) four Linear Extended Range 1-Channel or 4-channel transmitters (each sold separately) is triggered by an external sensor switch, it sends a digital-encoded RF signal up to 10 miles to this companion receiver, which verifies the digital code, activates its output, and triggers a remote device. For example, if you use a magnetic contact switch to monitor doors or windows on property, the RF Receiver can receive a signal from one of the RF transmitters when either is opened, and the RF Receiver output can trigger a siren to let you know of the event.

    Fully Supervised TransmissionThe transmitter has full supervision capabilities. If the "status" option is selected, the transmitter sends hourly status signals to its receiver. If these signals cease, the receiver will indicate trouble by activating its status output after four hours. Contact supervision allows the receiver's outputs to follow the transmitter's inputs, staying activated as long as each transmitter input is activated. Alternately, an "auto-restore" option can be selected, causing a momentary receiver output each time any transmitter input is activated. Each input can be configured for either N/O or N/C contacts (switch selectable). Two 8-position switches set the transmitter's system code, which must be matched in the receiver. There are 65,536 different system codes possible.

    Multiple Power OptionsPower for the transmitter can come from an external regulated 12 VDC power supply or from a 12-volt battery. If the power supply voltage drops below 10.5 volts, a low battery message will be included with any signal transmitted, causing the receiver's low battery output to activate.

  • Specifications

    Manufacturer: Linear Corporation
    Manufacturer Product No.: SSR00069, or MR164R-XR-4, or XR-4
    UPC: 093863103940
    Dimensions: 4.25" L x 2.5" W x 6.25" H
    Weight: 1.5 lbs. (0.68kg)
    Operating Temperature: -4° to 140°F (-20° to 60°C)
    Operating Frequency: 27.244 MHz
    Bandwidth: 6 KHz
    Number of Codes: 65,536
    Code Setting Method: DIP switch programming
    Operating Voltage: 12 to 15.0 VDC
    Housing: Black, weather-resistant, anodized aluminum enclosure with removable end caps to provide wiring and programming access; end caps
    RF Output Power: 12 Watts typical
    Loop Response Time: 500 msec
    Code Transmissions: Alarm, restore, status, and low battery
    Status Report Time Frame: 70 minutes
    Warranty: 1 year, limited

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    Has worked for years! Review by Doc
    Has worked for years!

    I have used my XR-4 for years now (about 10) and it still works perfectly. The devise uses the 27 Mhz band and due to this it requires a somewhat large antenna. On the other side the 27 Mhz band allows for decent range and the ability to function when the receiver and transmitter are not "line of site". Good well built product.

    Posted on 5/19/2016

    Review of 7427bx Review by CLARA
    Review of 7427bx

    Worked great! Fairly easy to set up. I thought the hole size for external cables (power, sensors, etc.) should have been a little larger.

    Posted on 11/16/2003

    Review of 7427bx Review by DAN
    Review of 7427bx

    Good quality product.

    Posted on 8/17/2003

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