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  1. This adjustable simple remote control lamp dimmer plug-in has dimmer presets and local control. It uses dual-band technology and doubles as an access point
  2. Control indoor small appliances up to 1800W with this Insteon home automation module. It provides a remote on/off switch. It can be voice controlled with Alexa.
  3. Use this weather resistant Outdoor Automation Module to conveniently control your outdoor lights or appliances with a remote controller.
  4. Boost or extend the range of your home automation system whether you use powerline or wireless signals with this Signal Enhancer.
  5. Embrace the future of home monitoring systems today with Insteon's low voltage / contact closure interface! Keep your home secure with ease, order now!
  6. Correct all of your Insteon signal-strength problems with this 10-amp plug-in noise filter! It is fully ETL approved, order today, from Smarthome!
  7. Keep your home secure with Insteon's smart smoke bridge! This is the future in emergency systems. Easily detect smoke and carbon monoxide levels!
  8. This Module Makes Any Metal Incandescent Lamp Controllable by Touch, simply plug into the module and start using touch control.


    List Price: $14.99

    Your Savings: $1.78

  9. Dim or brighten lighting from anywhere in your home with this universal remote control light dimmer for incandescent lamps. No additional wiring is needed.


    List Price: $22.99

    Your Savings: $4.75

  10. Smarthome and Smartenit bring you a simple input/output relay controller. With easy installation, you can get your home up and running in a breeze!


    List Price: $149.99

    Your Savings: $0.10

  11. The AM466 is our main 3 Pin Plug In Module. Simply plug the AM466 into an outlet then plug the unit you wish to control into the receptacle on the bottom side of the AM466. Set the code to match your remote and you are UP and RUNNING!


    List Price: $22.99

    Your Savings: $1.11

  12. Give yourself maximum control in your home with this Insteon compatible input/output controller! Order yours today for the best prices, from Smarthome!


    List Price: $149.99

    Your Savings: $2.97

  13. Bring your home into the modern era, with this customizable home security system from X10 and Smarthome! This Powerflash Interface is worth the investment.


    List Price: $44.99

    Your Savings: $3.83

  14. Avoid weather-related catastrophes with these Smart Home Electrical Outlets which automatically turn devices on and off according to air temperature.
  15. Control lights and small appliances wirelessly with a range of 500 feet with this Remote Controllable Plug-In module.


    List Price: $28.52

    Your Savings: $3.91

  16. By blocking out noise generated by large appliances like refrigerators, air conditioners, hot tubs and more, this hardwired unit will ensure that X10 signals are sent along the powerline with minimal interference.
  17. The X10 Mini Timer controls up to 8 X10 Modules automatically or instantly. You can have your outside lights, as well as inside lights and appliances, go on and off at preset times to give your home a lived-in look while you are away.


    List Price: $59.99

    Your Savings: $5.04

  18. The AM486 is our main 2 Pin Plug In Module. Simply plug the AM486 into an outlet then plug the unit you wish to control into the receptacle on the bottom side of the AM486. Set the code to match your remote and you are UP and RUNNING!


    List Price: $21.99

    Your Savings: $0.30

  19. Automatically shut off heavy energy using lamps, appliances, electronics, heaters, air conditioners, and more with this digital appliance timer.


    List Price: $56.98

    Your Savings: $28.99

  20. This wireless indoor plug-in motion-activated light control works with most small appliances. It has a 6 foot cord and detects motion up to 25 feet away.


    List Price: $20.00

    Your Savings: $7.76

  21. The Three Outlet Cube Tap Adapter is made from durable thermoplastic to endure high impacts. It has a compact design to fit three separate outlets on one device.


    List Price: $6.99

    Your Savings: $4.42

  22. The UM506 Universal Module RECEIVES X10 ON/OFF Signals and it Closes/Opens its internal Single-pole relay switch. The UM506 is used to operate furnaces via their low-voltage thermostat wires, low voltage lighting, drapery controls, garage door openers, sprinkler systems, etc. The UM506's internal switch relay is a path interrupter for devices which are not powered above 24VDC (5A) or 30VAC (3.3A).


    List Price: $29.99

    Your Savings: $1.97

  23. This incredible device is not only an on/off smart switch, but also acts as a Z-Wave range extender and monitors energy consumption.
  24. Control connected devices from your smartphone or tablet and monitor energy usage with this Smart Home Energy insight switch.


    List Price: $69.99

    Your Savings: $13.32

  25. The iDevices Outdoor Switch allows you to control, monitor and schedule electronics on the exterior of your home from your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch; no hubs needed. Use the free iDevices Connected app or Siri® voice commands to power your products on or off. The iDevices Connected app gives you the ability to access your Outdoor Switch from wherever you are for ultimate security, convenience and comfort. Create schedules, custom 'Scenes' and upload photos of your home for a completely personalized experience.
  26. The Wemo Mini is a smart plug that connects everyday household items to the Wemo app so you can control them from your phone or through voice commands
  27. Power appliances and devices and charge your phone and tablet with this versatile Smarthome Branded Products Plug-In USB Power Adapter.


    List Price: $14.99

    Your Savings: $5.00

  28. Easily turn on/off your appliance form anywhere in the world by a free App. You can also set some customized rules to turn it on/off as you scheduled.


    List Price: $99.98

    Your Savings: $23.90

  29. Turn electronic devices and appliances on or off from anywhere, at home or away, with this WeMo Wi-Fi Automation switch and free app.


    List Price: $49.99

    Your Savings: $5.26

  30. Schedule your plug-in lamps, holiday lighting or small appliances to turn on/off from anywhere using a compatible Z-Wave® controller. Installation is simple and requires no new wiring - simply plug in the device and enroll it to the hub. Features two-way status updating for immediate notification and precise automation scheduling.
  31. TP-LINK’s Smart Wi-Fi Plug Mini is a compact home device that turns your typical electrical wall outlet into a controllable, customizable and multi-functional outlet, enabling you to easily control your lights and household electronic evices via TP-LINK’s Kasa mobile app on your iOS or Android devices, no matter where you find yourself


    List Price: $49.99

    Your Savings: $10.00

  32. The Decora Smart with Wi-Fi Technology family of products feature five devices including in-wall dimmers, a switch, and plug-in modules for appliances and lamps.


    List Price: $39.99

    Your Savings: $3.01

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