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  1. Insteon Remote Control Dual On/Off Outlet can be controlled Independently from an Insteon Controller or Smartphone.
  2. This incredible device is not only an on/off smart switch, but also acts as a Z-Wave range extender and monitors energy consumption.


    List Price: $44.99

    Your Savings: $0.02

  3. Use Leviton Vizia RF+ smart receptacles for local or remote on/off switching of table lamps, appliances, holiday lighting and more. Easy installation.


    List Price: $83.30

    Your Savings: $27.22

  4. AmerTac’s electronic timers have multiple programming modes for increased flexibility and accuracy. Programming is easy with up to 20 programs per week including Random, and Daylight Savings Time options.


    List Price: $9.99

    Your Savings: $0.78

  5. Easy to use and reliable, this daily timer can be programmed to turn lights or appliances On/Off at set times throughout the day. It also features a manual override switch for added convenience.


    List Price: $12.99

    Your Savings: $2.41

  6. The Insteon smart home electrical outlet is a remote control dual outlet that you control at the outlet or turn either outlet on/off with any smart device.
  7. Use this Smart Home Electrical Outlet to control two devices independently with a remote or your smartphone.
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