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  1. Get advanced remote lighting control you can access via your smartphone or tablet with this versatile, customizable Wall Switch Dimmer Multipack.


    List Price: $249.95

    Your Savings: $37.49

  2. Select this Dimmer Switch Discount Pack to add remote lighting control from anywhere to multiple locations or rooms.


    List Price: $199.96

    Your Savings: $20.00

  3. Control high-wattage lighting setups from almost anywhere with this programmable Remote Control Dimmer Switch 4 pack.


    List Price: $279.96

    Your Savings: $28.00

  4. Choose this Remote Dimmer Switch Multipack to gain access to your lighting from anywhere using your smartphone.


    List Price: $99.98

    Your Savings: $5.00

  5. SwitchLinc remote control dimmer switch, white (2 pack) is controllable from anywhere with your smart devices. Designed for 1,000 watts.


    List Price: $139.98

    Your Savings: $7.00

  6. LIFX Z is the lighting strip that uses Wi-Fi to create the perfect light for you at any moment. A simple-to-use app allows you to fine tune your lighting experience. Requires LIFX Z Starter Kit.


    List Price: $119.96

    Your Savings: $20.00

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6 Item(s)

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