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  1. Use this Insteon hub to provide lighting, appliance, and temperature control. This IOS or Android smartphone remote provides a smart home automation system.


    List Price: $99.99

    Your Savings: $20.00

  2. Get the latest in serial modem interfaces with Insteon and Smarthome! This interface gives you PC-based control of your home, and is HouseLinc compatible!
  3. Use this USB Automation Interface to manage lights, appliances, HVAC systems, and alarm systems directly using your home network.
  4. Use this Web Enabled Central Controller which is accessible via any browser to configure and program your home's automated devices.
  5. Manage and control your entertainment and automation equipment with an easy to use app and this Home Entertainment Smart Control hub.
  6. Monitor and control lights (as well as shades and temperature) from anywhere, so you can always be in touch with your home with or without an internet connection.


    List Price: $150.00

    Your Savings: $70.05

  7. The Samsung SmartThings hub communicates information from your smartphone to all of your different connected products - regardless of their wireless protocol - so that you can easily monitor and control them.


    List Price: $69.99

    Your Savings: $5.00

  8. Introduction PowerHome2 is an extremely powerful and flexible Windows based software package that will give you full control over your home’s lighting, appliances, infrared, audio and video devices when used in on junction with the appropriate control hardware.


    List Price: $99.95

    Your Savings: $0.18

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