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  1. Install this software based Premium Automated Home Controller hub to manage your lighting and appliances from your computer or over the internet.


    List Price: $1,200.00

    Your Savings: $180.05

  2. Manage your home systems through your smartphone, tablet, or computer or over the Internet with this advanced Home Automation Controller.


    List Price: $700.00

    Your Savings: $105.05

  3. Indigo 7 is Mac Home Control Software that natively supports Z-Wave, Insteon, and X10 protocols plus many, many other user written "plug-ins" that support specialized devices and other protocols.
  4. ecoVent Smart Hub

    ITEM# 1047
    Use the ecoVent Smart Hub to connect your ecoVent Smart Vent System. The Smart Hub communicates with ecoVent Smart Vents and Room Sensors (both sold separately), as well as select smart thermostats, using WiFi and Zigbee networks.
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