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  1. Use this Scheduled Lighting Control to program your lights to turn off after specific time intervals or to turn on at dusk and off at dawn.


    List Price: $19.99

    Your Savings: $11.95

  2. Install this motion sensing Home Automation Light socket to provide immediate light in laundry rooms, basements, walk-in closets, and garages.


    List Price: $30.00

    Your Savings: $5.69

  3. Be ready for blackouts with this SmartCharge LED bulb. This extra-bright bulb features a built-in backup battery that charges while the light is on so you can illuminate your home even during a power outage. The bulb easily replaces existing light bulbs in standard fixtures and turns on and off from the same wall switch even without power.


    List Price: $29.95

    Your Savings: $7.00

  4. Turn to the AmerTac indoor/outdoor dusk to dawn light control, white to automatically turn lights on at dusk so you’ll never walk into a dark house again.


    List Price: $9.00

    Your Savings: $1.43

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